Is it really all about them? - Referees of the 21st Century

Is it really all about them? - Referees of the 21st Century

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Referees are often heavily criticised and rightly so at some points. But is it just that simple? Do they truthfully deserve the heavy handed backlash after games? Well you could say it depends on that certain game. However I disagree and here's why.

Over the past 25 years of the Premier Leagues existence. Referees have become more and more scrutinised. The men in control are now reported to earn around £1,150 per game. Yes that's right. Per game. Yet in many matches, not only this season but over the past couple of years, referees have been at fault for some of the worst decisions many spectators have ever seen. So my question is, why is the quality of the men in the middle so bad? The answer for me is simple. The modern day referee ultimately focuses more on themselves and their own reputation, than on their actual job... The football. Not only this but it seems many of the "top" refs have never actually played the sport at all or simply at a high enough level to be considered respected enough by fans and players.

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Only last weekend, Premier League fans saw one penalty decision that could prove to be fatal for the survival hopes of Swansea City. As well as one other that has proved to be as costly to Middlesbrough FC (Admittedly, as well as a poor season). Yet no severe punishment has been distributed to either referee of each respective fixture. Granted some decisions for the officials are difficult, especially with the added pressure of thousands of fans. But the two incidents were clearly bought by the use of simulation. However like after most other mistakes, neither referee commented on their own downfall after the game. As stated earlier, these men are being paid money that most people could only dream of; nevertheless when mistakes are made there is no explanation. So should this change? Well certainly at this current time, the prospect looks increasingly more and more unlikely.

Fundamentally referees are harshly criticised but indeed it is often deserved. However with the forthcoming introduction of technology into the beloved game, it seems as though these substantial decisions will now be left to computer aided video footage. But deep down many football fans will miss the easy abuse and the 'obvious' scapegoat of their teams downfalls. Surely many referees would tell you that?

Football fans, leave your comments below or tweet us @AllOutFootball_ as to whether you think that referees are harshly criticised or indeed, do deserve the abuse!