Would you rather win a trophy or get a top 4 place?

Would you rather win a trophy or get a top 4 place?

Last update: 17 May 2016 Categories: Featured.

Written by David Robinson

Last weekend we saw the Premier League come to a close with nothing to play for. The relegation spots and Champions of the league had already been decided, which meant that the only position of real meaning left to be decided was the Champions League spots. This is when SkySports try to sell the 'race for top 4' story and deliver some meaning to the games that they broadcast. While this understandable to an extent, this is another example of commercialisation at its best. Gaining a Champions League place brings large benefits to a club by brining in millions of pounds and being able to attract high quality players however this 'achievement' should not be celebrated like it has been.

Arsenal are of course the prime example and resultantly have become somewhat of a laughing stock. The club in the last 2 years should ultimately be considered successful with back to back FA Cup wins to their name but prior to this the Gunners went years without a trophy. While I understand that performance should be measured as a whole in all competitions, the game is all about winning silverware in my opinion.

I posed the question to the All Out Football followers, would you rather win the Capital One Cup or get a top 4 spot?

AOF top 4 vs trophy

From 39 votes, 62% would have preferred top 4. While I understand that the Capital One Cup is not deemed a major trophy and the results from a poll may have been different had it been the FA Cup instead, I am still bemused at these results.

I firmly believe that a fans, players and managers should clearly have a firm desire to prefer silverware over a Champions League or possibly Europa League place. My argument for winning a trophy is simple. This weekend 2 under performing teams take to Wembley to compete for the FA Cup final. Crystal Palace and Man Utd have been pretty awful in the league however a victory in this competition for me, could completely transform their seasons. If Crystal Palace were to win it they would have more to show from the season than Spurs, who really have performed superbly all season. No one will remember the season that Spurs finished 3rd where as a cup victory for Palace will be recalled for years to come.

While having a productive league season can be enjoyable for supporters, a win at Wembley in a Final is a truly special  occasion for the whole club. Of course by winning the FA Cup, a club will qualify for Europe so for me its a no brainer that winning a trophy should be the preferred choice by fans. Witnessing history is what it should be all about while gaining a top 4 spot is not comparable in this sense.

What's your thoughts on this? Would you prefer a top 4 finish or a domestic trophy? Let us know in the comments below!