Problems With Football

We all moan about our clubs results and the officials and VAR even I moan about all that, but with everything that goes on at other football clubs is what is the worrying thing. I always moan about our chairman and I always will with the way that he has ran things, but in comparison our problems are no where near as bad as the likes of Bury and Bolton.

Borehamwood’s owner hasn’t got a clue how to get more fans into the ground as the other day there was only 407 fans watching the match and that was with 130 away fans, the chairman has even tried selling season tickets at £99 selling himself short, he is now thinking about cutting back on stuff as he just cant afford it, when the likes of Notts County, Wrexham etc are having attendances of at least 4-6k still. I think that’s brilliant for Notts County with the plight they have been in recently. So if you live near Borehamwood go and support them.

Now I have made my point and plea about Borehamwood I want to go back to the situations at Bury and Bolton, the FA have bent over backwards to try and help Bolton by saying we will lend you £2 million but won’t even try and help Bury like that. I do feel for both Bury and Bolton fans but these shenanigans just can’t go on forever and the EFL and FA surely have to act now as I know if it was my club the FA would have chucked us out of the league’s by now. I don’t mean to sound harsh on both sets of fans but it has gone on far too long now. It’s not fair on Bury fans for the EFL to keep postponing they’re matches and for the opposition.

Maybe if the EFL, FA etc did their jobs properly by doing the fit and proper test then no clubs would be in this predicament… so come on FA and EFL sort yourselves and this mess out!