How Would The Premier League Table Look If The Final Results Were Based On The Reverse Fixtures?

How Would The Premier League Table Look If The Final Results Were Based On The Reverse Fixtures?

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Okay, I'm aware that this experiment is very inaccurate as it doesn't take overall, home and away form into consideration. I'm also aware that the title is way too long but I couldn't have named it better. I decided it'd be fun to simulate the rest of the Premier League season, based purely on how the specific games played out during the first half of the season. So for example, Arsenal play West Ham on Wednesday. Earlier this season, Arsenal beat West Ham 5-1 and so Wednesday's game would have 5-1 Arsenal as the result. I hope that's clear enough, let's get into the results:

In reverse order...


Sunderland picked up a total of 6 points from a possible 24 in their last 8 games of the season, the points coming through wins against Hull and Bournemouth. This meant Sunderland ended up on 26 points, 5 points from 19th and 8 points from safety.

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Hull picked up a lackluster 4 points from their last 24, the joint lowest total in the league. A win at Southampton and a draw at Palace are the only results Hull fans should expect if this experiment is accurate. Hull ended up on 31 points, 3 points adrift from safety.


Despite being in 17th whilst writing this article, the Swans picked up a poor 5 points from their last 24 and occupy the final relegation spot. Draws at Everton and Watford combined with a 3-0 rout over Sunderland were the only points picked up as the Swans drop to the Championship. Swansea finished on 33 points, only one off safety.


Middlesbrough upset the odds and managed to escape the dreaded drop by picking up 11 points in their final 27. Shock draws against Arsenal and Manchester City added to three wins meant another season in England's top flight for Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough finished on 34 points, 1 point from relegated Swansea.


Unsurprising, this one. Crystal Palace picked up a shockingly bad 4 points from 27 but still managed to avoid the drop, remaining in 16th place, the same position they hold in real life as of the time of writing. Their only win came in a 3-0 thrashing away at Southampton. Crystal Palace finished on 35 points, just two points above relegated Swansea.

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From an unsurprising finish to a more surprising one. Southampton picked up just 6 points from a possible 30, draws to Man City and Liverpool being the most notable results. Southampton finished on 40 points, 2 places down from their current position but well clear of the drop.


Now to a more decent return, Bournemouth picked up a respectable 10 points from their final 24. Respectable as they still have to play Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester. Bournemouth remain in their current 14th place, picking up a total of 44 points.


West Ham finished in 13th, a two place improvement on their current position. They picked up a total of 11 points in their final 24, including wins over Swansea, Sunderland and Burnley. West Ham finished on 44 points, beating out Bournemouth on Goal Difference.


One place down from their current Premier League position, Stoke picked up 8 points from their final possible 21. Their wins came away at Swansea and at home to Hull, both of which were eventually relegated. Stoke finished on 44 points, edging out Bournemouth and West Ham on Goal Difference.

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Also one place down from their current Premier League position, Leicester's results were largely influenced by Ranieri's start of the season, rather than Chris Shakespeare's fantastic start as manager. Although their results were not entirely accurate, Leicester picked up 8 points from 24. Leicester finished on 44 points, beating Bournemouth, West Ham and Stoke on Goal Difference.


Starting to notice a trend... Watford finished 1 place below their current Premier League position, picking up 10 points from their final 24. Wins over Everton and Leicester meant Watford finished on 47 points.


Sean Dyche's men defeated all odds and finished in 9th. They picked up an impressive 13 points from just 21, dropping points against West Ham, Manchester United and West Brom. Burnley finished 3 places above their current Premier League position on 48 points.


West Brom continued their impressive season and remained in 8th place, picking up 14 points from 21. They only dropped points against Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool. West Brom finished on 56 points, just 5 points from a place in European Football.

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The lowest European spot, as expected, is occupied by Everton. Despite this, they only picked up 10 points from their final 21, allowing West Brom to close the gap slightly. Everton finished on 61 points but 14 points away from the Top 4.


Arsene Wenger's 100% record of achieving a Champions League spot every season came to a close. Arsenal picked up 19 points from their final 30 but draws to Spurs and Manchester United cost them vital points in the race for a Champions League spot. Arsenal finished on 70 points, 5 points from the Top 4.


Manchester United also missed out on a Champions League spot, picking up 17 points from 27. Losses to Chelsea and Manchester City, alongside a draw to Arsenal cost United vital points and they couldn't achieve a Top 4 finish. Man United finished on 71 points, 4 points from the Top 4.


Manchester City achieved the Champions League qualification spot by 4 points, picking up 17 points from 27. Manchester City finished on 75 points, 4 points clear of rivals United in 5th and thus 4 points clear of the Europa League.

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Liverpool finished in an automatic Champions League spot for the first time since the 2013-14 campaign. They picked up, surprise surprise, 17 points from their final 24. Liverpool finished on 76 points, 5 points clear of the Europa League.


For the first time in 20 years, Tottenham finished above rivals Arsenal and claimed a Champions League qualification spot. They picked up 18 points from their final possible 27. Tottenham finished on 80 points, 16 from the Premier League title.


Unsurprisingly, the experiment finished with Chelsea as eventual winners of the Premier League, and then some. The Blues won every single one of their final 9 games, claiming 27 points from a possible 27. Chelsea finished on 96 points, 16 points clear of 2nd placed Tottenham.