Why is the Premier League perceived like it is?

Football has a massive effect on the world, society & people in general. Nowhere else is that feeling met than supporters of football clubs in England. England football clubs fans completely obsessively behave as shows of loyalty & passion towards their team of choice. The pinnacle of English football is the Premier league. The Premier League is watched worldwide as well as Great Britain by those in Australia, America, Thailand to Zambia, fans all over just can’t get enough. The Premier League has grown and brings a community ignoring race, sexual orientation or gender for the love to watch their team and the teams supply the supporters. Premier League developments from off the pitch to on have brought so many benefits since 1992, it’s impossible to ignore but it has become a wounded animal of recent times and has brought the game in a sense of disrepute & it needs fixing. How do we do it though? & how have we ended up here? I try my best to rake through those seemingly unanswerable questions.


credit Paul Hudson

The Premier League being on a worldwide scale means it is constantly in the spotlight & supporters of Premier League teams are facing and clearly seeing problems appearing in the game & they’re publicised on all back pages it seems. But constant mismanagement means more & more appear and it makes the pinnacle of the English game look increasingly weak. The big three seem to see fans being priced out, mis-management of players, support for all. When you look at them in-depth, you can understand why they have become such problems.

1. Being priced out

Fans tickets in the Premier League are a joke, simply nothing more. It’s simply taking advantage of easily emotionally manipulated fans. Going to a premier league ground is great for a brilliant day out and we understand the club needs money but why charge so much for the under appreciated fans that make the game what it is. The atmosphere dies as only corporate can afford it. We all love our clubs but for the price of one of my Chelsea tickets I could buy six Stevenage tickets. The game seems to be forcing the true ones out, for their pure economical benefit of the club rather than understanding the value of the fans.

credit Ruaraidh Gillies

2- Mis-management of players
As well as fans, players are not being treated right by those at the top. They are human beings, you give them the platform and the money and they will fuck up at some stage. Players are made to feel inhuman at the club and in the Premier League.  Paul Gascoigne once a British gem and now a stain according to some. No gay players have come out, they are there but they are just scared, who can blame them let’s be honest. Why are footballers treated so inhumanely, they have a special way to make a living. Football may be cut-throat but it never mentioned killing a man.

3-Support for all
Footballers shouldn’t but often do face problems that simply are unfair. Football managers shouldn’t but often do face problems that simply are unfair. Referees shouldn’t but often do face problems that simply are unfair. Fans shouldn’t but often do face problems that simply are unfair. This could go on, they need help but are too ashamed for it or they can’t ask for it. Whichever way you look at it, it is wrong & damages the game on the whole.

I would be stupid to ignore the clear benefits it brings the community feeling with the fans from all ethnicity, sexual persuasion, place, age or gender together for the love of football and the premier league does that more than most. The premier league is so largely appreciated by all and watched by billions around the world. Football brings school life better in some cases, work life and awkward chat into a full flowing conversation and when there is such a stage that the premier league brings, it aids in all kind of environment. Players are given a shot at a dream career as are managers and for certain clubs like Brighton and Bournemouth’s the chance most clubs could never gain. The premier league is a special thing, we know that. However sometimes and now recently a lot it is not. Due to the growth of the premier league on an international scale, the importance of fans seem to of faded and slowly the growth of corporate behaviour has took over and destroyed what was and still is by those who have not been brainwashed by the antics, loved about the game.


The premier league has become the league that benefit the few rather than the many. There are less illustrious examples such as Bournemouth who people seem to forget have masses amounts of money pumped through them. Then there are the players who really couldn’t care less about the fans and the game but yet are on multi million pounds a year contracts and the same could be said for managers. Those who have benefited most are of course those who win trophies and man city and Chelsea come to mind. This is not me criticising how they have done it or either the clubs chairman. Roman Abramovich loves the club, puts money in when necessary, never really interfered in major matters and goes to essentially every home game which is not as well applauded as it should be and the same can be said for those at Manchester City with Sheikh Mansour and Khaldoon Al Mubarak. They have exposed the problems with the system very well, it must be said with the use of money. With exception to Leicester, those with the most money win the game. That is what the premier league has become a horrible twisted corporate business game. We all still love it for one reason though… our passion for the game.


The things that hit me hardest are the people involved in the game afraid to speak out may that be because of sexuality, true feelings or anything in personal or football life as they know the game will swallow them and spit it back out over and over again. Whether that be Pro footballers or managers or referees or club representatives or even the fans. This will happen because of what the premier league is now in twenty seventeen.

It is so unfair and that just doesn’t sit right with me as a lover of the game. Part of the reason I turned to Stevenage was because of what the Premier League is representing in football at the moment

It needs sorting.

Premier league. Your move.
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