Premier League Hero Of The Week! Game 10!

Written by Will Beesley

Hello again and welcome to another “Hero of the week”.

Heading into game 10 this week we can start to see how the Premier League table is starting to look. Obviously this can all change, but it’s interesting to see the teams who have made very little impact on the league thus far.

The game I’m focused on this week includes two sides, who let’s say haven’t had the greatest of starts this season. Whether it be getting points or the managers and teams just being changed.

The game is of course Crystal Palace vs West Ham, both teams needed a win going into this game. Crystal Palace are struggling to score goals this season but did have the Home advantage.

The hero of the week for game 10 is none other than Wilfried Zaha.

This game really was a game of two halves, the first half was fairly even with West Ham scoring both attempts at goal.

But the second half was dominated by Crystal Palace, being rewarded with a penalty just a few minutes into the second half. Crystal Palace make it 2:1 with time to give it a real go and try and get something out of it.

Wilfred Zaha played a huge role in the side creating many chances for team mates and having a few shots himself.

But it was in one of the last kicks of the game where he really stepped up. He makes his way into the West Ham penalty area holding off a defender with his physical ability. He then quickly turns and catching Joe Hart the West Ham ‘keeper completely off guard, placing the ball into the bottom right corner.

Bringing his side to a level 2:2 at the final whistle, something Crystal Palace deserved and desperately needed.

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Thanks again from myself William Beesley and all of us here at All Out Football.