Premier League Hero Of The Week! Game 7

Premier League Hero Of The Week! Game 7

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Hello and welcome to another hero of the week article. This weeks Premier League match ups was a decent one with the newly promoted sides Newcastle United and Huddersfield both playing big clubs  and we were all excited to see some goals.

But it is not these games we are going to be focusing on today. The game between West Brom and Watford is where I’ve chosen my “Hero of the week” from this week.

It’s the young Brazilian Richarlison who was taken the hero of the week trophy this week.

It wasn’t a great start away at West Brom for Watford on Saturday, finding themselves 2:0 down in the first 21 minutes. Watford strive on and push forwards though, and 10 minutes before the first half finishes Richarlison gets the ball, passes it to his team mate Doucoure and with a mighty shot blasts it past the West Brom 'keeper.

2:1 as the second half starts and Richarlison is getting involved again creating chaos for West Brom. But it’s at the very end of stoppage time when this youngster really shines.

He moves fast down the left hand side and is taken down winning a free kick with seconds to spare, the ball is whipped in by Holebas. Richarlison squeezes into the middle of the defensive line jumps up and heads the ball in for Watford, bringing the game to 2:2!

Richarlison did what every Watford fan wanted to happen and what every West Brom fan was dreaming of not happening. An excellent performance all round from the 20 year old who is making a name for himself at the club. He is a promising talent.

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