Pogba to United: Are Manchester United that desperate?

Written by Nkiko Salvation

Following a season of astonishing highlights in the Premier league and an extremely promising summer, Premier league clubs are in the process of tidying up their transfer activities as the season approaches.

Topping the charts of the transfer activity is the transfer of Paul Pogba making an amusing comeback to Manchester united for a world record transfer price of £89 million pounds. The prospect of the 23 year old returning to his startup club is a blatant reminder of legendary premier league play makers like ex-teammate Paul Scholes, Dennis Bergkamp, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard with his impeccable footwork, passing skills, innovation, fighting spirit and eye for goal. Although his 8 goals and 12 assists in Serie A last season don’t speak too loudly of him, his potential is unparalleled in his position after learning from the likes of Scholes and Pirlo making him the perfect fit to complete Mourinho’s team. Having been an interesting student of the beautiful game, Pogba has been compared to his fellow country man and former world record signing Zinedine Zidane. They are both strong, quick and innovative playmakers. Hence, fuelling the interests of both Manchester United and Real Madrid over the summer. In many ways, the transfer seems justifiable as Pogba can impact the squad immediately as well as be a building point for future teams.

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credit Nazionale Calcio

However, the price tag of a £89 million pounds continues to seem outrageous from my understanding, regardless of his unparalleled potential. Without taking any credit away from the Juventus star, no footballer is simply worth that much especially not Paul. A couple reasons for the previous statement include:

  1. Paul Labile Pogba is 23. Pogba is still a young, maturing player who hasn’t shown signs of peaking yet. This leaves space for a whole lot of uncertainty because we are as unaware of the greatness he could bring to the United side as we are unaware of how long it would take before his impact kicks in on the field. Exhibition A: Danny Welbeck, Exhibition B: Memphis Depay
  2. Paul’s inconsistency. In football, experience goes a long way especially in high pressure situations because experience ensures consistency. Clearly, from Paul’s Euros performance and even at times in Serie A, we can tell consistency isn’t the young blood’s strong suit especially in high pressure situations like the Champions league final against Barcelona or Juve’s last meeting with Napoli. Pogba appears to be less enigmatic in such situations and this is not a trait you expect for a signing meant for immediate impact.
  3. Paul is not the best decision-maker on the pitch. In correspondence to his inconsistency, Paul’s lack of experience is a blinding factor in his game as he doesn’t make the best decisions at times during take-ons. His ball touch and fancy dribbling skills are at times used in the wrong situations leading to higher tensions in already heated situations.


Generally, it all comes down to his lack of in depth experience in the game. Therefore, explaining Madrid’s hesitation in competing for Pogba as their new galactico.

Regardless of being aware of his flaws and shortcomings, Manchester United have still gone and attained this “gem” because they need to make a statement. Post-Fergie era has been tough on the fans of the Red Devils with finishing between 4th and 7th every season and playing a contain-style football. Manchester United have lost their fear factor! Hence, Jose Mourinho’s four transfer projects (Zlatan, Mkhitaryan, Bailly and especially Pogba) are statements to the Premier League and Europe saying they are back and ready to fight. Hopefully, this isn’t another blank statement like the signings last year.

Man Utd fans, is Pogba worth the money? Let us know in the comments below!

featured image by Deborah Chan