Premier League Tale Of The Weekend

Written by Jorge Velasco

When I think of the English Premier League, I think of history. History that you can tell your children one day. Comebacks that have occurred, your team beating the rivals late on in stoppage time. Maybe your team almost facing relegation in their top prime. This past weekend, I witnessed one great match (apart from Tottenham thrashing Swansea), Bournemouth vs. Liverpool. I turned the TV on waiting for pretentious scoreline, and boy did I get one. It was 3-1, Liverpool’s way, 75th minute. I got on my phone, checked my fantasy league, checked transfer news, the daily routine for each morning, and then the super sub, Ryan Fraser, puts Bournemouth back in business with every second counting. 5 minutes later, Steve Cook puts the Cherries momentum on the road for a comeback or even a win. For the ten minutes that resumed before stoppage time, everything died down, both teams created very little chances, and it all came down to a 94th minute corner. Steve Cook took a low strike to challenge Mr. Karius in Liverpool’s net, and he had trouble controlling the ball. Heroically, Nathan Ake salvages all three points and takes home the win.

These are one of the many reasons why I think that the Premier League is the greatest and most intriguing league in the world. Now that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about my club, Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham has been so prestigious to me these past couple of years in my football life. Now, although my family members can attest my bandwagoning history of wearing Liverpool slippers, Chelsea pyjamas, and Man U jerseys, I’ve contributed my pride to this club. Ever since going to my first Spurs game at White Hart Lane and meeting fellow mates, in the likes of Michael Dawson, Brad Friedel, and Harry Kane, hearing chants in favour of my club makes me feel at home. This club has brought me so much joy, beating Man City three time in the past three matches, fighting until the end of the referees whistle, doing everything possible to reach the top of the table. The passion that the players hold is incomparable to top-tier teams, like Man Utd or Chelsea, although that can become a very debatable topic. Whether you like it or not, the day will come and Tottenham will rise to the top and become the next powerhouse team. Currently occupying 5th place 3 points behind the Noisy Neighbours and Liverpool, 4 points behind the Gunners, and an enormous 7 points behind Chelsea, this could be a potentially big season for us. Come on you Spurs!
Do Spurs have enough to win the league? Is the Premier League the best league in the world? Let us know in the comments below!
featured image by Ronnie Macdonald