Premier League Hero Of The Week! Game 5

Premier League Hero Of The Week! Game 5

Last update: 18 September 2017 Tags: Hero Of The Week. Categories: Premier League, Featured.

Hello and welcome to another "Hero of the week" chosen by myself Will Beesley.

There was a lot of thrilling games this weekend for us all to enjoy. But one game I kept my eye on was that of Liverpool vs Burnley. Burnley not having the greatest away record last season, it was going to be interesting to see how they faced a top side in Liverpool.

To keep it short the game was dominated by Liverpool in fairness with the Reds having 71% possession and 35 goal attempts! The game ended 1-1 though which I think is a brilliant result for Burnley.

And with that I am proud to announce Nick Pope as my Hero of the week this week.

It was the young 25 year olds first start for official start for Burnley and it wasn't an easy game for him. Having Liverpool pile on the pressure throughout the game he always had to stay alert.

The last 10 minutes of the game was when Liverpool really pushed through. Pope having to make two outstanding reflex saves from close distance he managed to keep it a draw. His positioning and communication with team mates did also help the defensive line.

For me, he held Burnley well to get the point people would argue they didn't deserve.

Thanks again for reading and from all of us at AllOutFootball and myself Will Beesley, have a great day.

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