Pathetic Portrayal For Watford

Let’s get straight to it, Watford FC have been nothing short of sublime eight games into the Premier League season. After last campaign’s struggles under Mazzarri where there were only select positives, it couldn’t be a better time to be a Watford fan. I don’t expect miracles, all I want is a competitive side that plays some decent football and gives it their all in the predictable and money driven Premier League. Realistically, this feels like cloud nine having just come off a stoppage time winner against Arsenal, having played some high energy, thoughtful and successful football so far under Marco Silva. While that will continue to be the case it’s affected me having been so thrilled about the Hornets start, that Watford as a club continues to be disrespected in some regards in typical fashion.

From what reaction I’ve seen since the 2-1 victory over the Gunners has been quite hard to take personally even though as supporters we should know by now we’re never going to take the spotlight and don’t ever get talked about to any great detail.

This week we should be taking about a Brazilian wonderkid for all the right reasons. Barely 20 years of age, lets not kid ourselves, Richarlison has been nothing short of brilliant in so many ways. His tenacity, relentless work rate, aerial ability, stoppage time goals. He has it all. But for some reason despite Richarlison being an absolute joy to watch is being scrutinised all over the place for a ‘dive’ that won a penalty against Arsenal. Without going into it, it’s not a dive.

We’ve even got to the point where a two match ban has been discussed as a result of this. This is so typical and comical but it really sums it up that this is the main talking point from such a great match and performance from Silva’s men. This is purely because it is Watford, there is no doubt that this wouldn’t have been discussed in the slightest had Alexis Sanchez been on the end of that ball, Eden Hazard, dare I say Callum Wilson. I believe that with a lot of confidence.

We’ve seen on the much talked about Arsenal Fan TV but even among ex players like Lee Dixon slate Arsenal for losing to Watford. Not because the Golden Boys have been excellent so far and carried a threat going into the game but simply because of the name, Watford. While it is the yellow army that are laughing now, it still grates on me the level of disrespect shown towards us as a club and lack of appreciation for our potential. Do we have to beat them a fourth time in eighteen months to show them we’re not here to be rolled over…?

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit in front of Monday Night Football and watch Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher analyse what Silva and his players are doing right instead of talking about a tedious 0-0 draw between Liverpool and Manchester United? Maybe it’s just me and it’s all too much to ask for but it’s been disappointing to see the reaction following a game that only has positives from a Watford fans point of view. To ask for anything else would be greedy, I shouldn’t really care what anyone says about the club, the reality is so far and only so far, we have a talented and united group that have shown fight, ability and got some brilliant results so far. This is a team to proud of and long may it continue.

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featured image credit Sky Sports