Why Non-League Day is Important

Why Non-League Day is Important

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Written by Connor Lawson

With the international break coming this weekend, and therefore no Premier League or Championship action, this means the return of Non-League Day.

I know there are many English football fans, including Harry Redknapp, who see the international break as a dead fortnight, and may wait until the seemingly longer than usual weekend to pass until they can see their team back in action. For some, the thought of not being able to get their football fix is a worrying prospect indeed.

But fear not, football fans of the top two tiers, because Non-League Day allows you to get your football fix elsewhere.

So, why bother with non-league football? Well, for many, watching non-league football is almost like a flashback to the days of terraces in football and drinking whilst you stand and watch the game.

Many non-league clubs offer cheap prices - certainly nowhere near the extortionate fees that Premier League and Championship clubs. Many non-league teams offer adult admission for a tenner or less, and lots more offer free entry to kids.

Non-league football, though, just isn't as exciting as the top flight leagues, right? Wrong. Granted, the quality isn't as good, but you will see some of the most entertaining games of your season in non-league, as well as really passionate fans who have a real affinity and involvement with the club, including the players and management. Here's an interesting stat for you, I attended ten games involving non-league sides last season, and saw 48 goals in total, that's nearly five goals per game.

Non-league clubs are fascinating, almost every one of them has a unique history. From clubs reincarnated from previous ones that went into administration, to the world's oldest clubs. With the unique history comes unique grounds, including oddly shaped stands and strange design.

Manchester City are the only Premier League club (that I'm aware of) to promote non-league day, and more clubs should definitely follow suit. So many non-league clubs need the support of the local community and need money in order to continue, a few quid from a hundred or so extra fans this weekend will make a world of difference.

Non-League Day has been supported by the likes of Martin Glenn and Chris Waddle, along with many non-league clubs testifying how much of a difference it makes to them.

I strongly recommend getting down to see your local non-league side, especially if you are a fan in the Premier League or Championship, but also if you are a fan of a team in Leagues One & Two that you may not be going to watch this weekend, I promise you won't regret it.

Your local non-league sides need your support this weekend, and throughout the season so, if you like what you see this weekend, ensure to take every possible opportunity to visit that club again as a nice change of scenery from the grand stadia and overpaid footballers rolling around on the floor. You can be right up close to the action, and enjoy a good afternoon of football.

You may discover a passion for non-league you never knew you had.

For more information head over to nonleagueday.co.uk

To find a game near you, follow the link nonleagueday.co.uk/map.html

Are you heading to a non-league game this weekend? Let us know where in the comments!