News at Noon (12.25 pm approx)

Written by Tom Nixey

So 12 o’clock came and then went ever so quickly. Then 12.25 pm (approx) came and it was confirmed, their for all to see, a sight for sore eyes;
After promising news at noon via Twitter yesterday, Alan Hardy delivered (25 minutes later than scheduled); he had become the Chairman and Owner of Notts County Football Club and in turn everyone connected with the club could breathe and return to sanity again…

Twitter became awash with messages of support, thanks and excitement to overturn the nervy ‘ITS 12.01 AND HE’S NOT SAID ANYTHING YET’ ones. Plenty of likes and retweets later and word became pretty public, the Trew’s were no longer officially in charge of the club (officially being the key word here; it’s feels like they haven’t been in charge for a while now) and our new horizon was finally upon us.

And my oh my do we need that new horizon. The announcement, albeit temporarily, has shelved the nagging facts that we’ve got Mansfield at home Saturday, we’ve lost 10 games in a row and Richard Duffy and Carl Dickinson will probably be involved. Reality bites.

What yesterday’s announcement has brought is a little bit of optimism back to a fan base that has been on its arse for a while now. Everyone can now see we have the opportunity for a fresh start and while it’ll take time, Hardy seems to have such an enthusiasm that he should be able to lift the malaise that’s been allowed to settle in at the club. Notts need a character, someone who the club can unify behind and someone who’ll lead from the front. If his Twitter posts are anything to go by, Hardy could be that man. I pray he is that man.

With the fans (hopefully) coming back on side, I know the fan base will turn out on Saturday because they simply have too. As a club we need to ride the crest of the Hardy wave and hit Mansfield hard on Saturday. It’ll be tough, even if for does ‘go out the window in a derby match’, you cannot forget we’ve lost 10 in a row. It’ll take a monumental effort, from all sides.

From the sounds of it, we will also have a new manager in place for Mansfield; that wave rises a little higher. If, if the appointment is the right one, the optimism levels will rise that little bit more; unveil the gaffer at 12.55 and get the crowd going, let’s ramp it up, let’s make it difficult for the Stags. Believe.

If all comes to pass, only one thing can top it all off; a performance and a result. Those 11 on Saturday have a hell of a job on. Steve Evans will have Mansfield right up for it and Notts have to match them and more in every department, in every minute during the 90. Those players have massively underachieved recently, we all know that and have bore witness to most of it, and it’s time to stop all the talk; let’s see what you’re made of. Run hard, get amongst them and back each other up. Press in packs, be courageous in possession and for God’s sake, mark your fucking man in the 18 yard box.

Saturday just became even more massive than it already was for Alan Hardy’s Notts County. Welcome aboard Alan…


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featured image by The Stadium Guide