Nearly there, but not just yet?

In recent weeks Northampton Town have began to improve their form dramatically, but one thing that has stood out to me is the lack of a goalscorer. Who realistically will get our goals? If we’re going to be a competitive side in league one we need to sort this out. Chris Long has contributed a couple of goals but he is the only attacker who has actually done anything, looking at our next two top goalscorers, they are Ash Taylor and Matt Crooks, a centre back and a defensive midfielder, this says it all really, where are the attacking options? We’re coming up to a busy run of games and without many players with the ability to find the net I’m really questioning where this will leave us in January, will it be too late to make the additions then?

Today was awful, John Joe O’toole came off and the team lost it, it was almost like they was relying on him to control the game for us. We can’t rely on one player like that and all the evidence of that was in today’s 3-0 loss at home. It was like watching a different team that second half it was appalling. I thought we were getting somewhere as of late but after that I’m not convinced.

McGivern. What can I say, why have we signed him? We do not need a League Two standard centre back in our squad, he seems like a waste of wages to me. He’s on a one month contract as well which is quite possibly one of the most bizarre decisions JFH has made, if he even plays out his contract I will be shocked. On the topic of bizarre JFH decisions he may as well have not bothered showing up to that replay in the FA Cup, fielding a poor team like that was basically asking to lose.

Overall I don’t know what to think recently as a Northampton fan but i’m not very happy with some of the decisions made I just hope we can sort this mess out before it’s too late!

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featured image credit Footy Headlines