My Chelsea Experience

Credit: Ben Sutherland

Written by Jorge Velasco.

As much as I hate Chelsea’s guts, it was a very entertaining match to see and what it had to say for itself. Chelsea were due to play Stoke City and was predicted to win the game. The day started in Amsterdam where my flight was supposed to leave at 10:25 but was delayed until “12:00”. The game was at 3:00 and it didn’t look like my  family and I were going to be able to make it. Fortunately, the flight left only 30 minutes later, and the weight left our shoulders. We went through customs, got our baggage, got in our van, and headed to the hotel. Dropped off our bags, and from there, went straight to Stamford Bridge. By then, it was about 1:15. We were greeted by a lady working for Chelsea, and accompanied us to the “Marco Grill”, where I had an excellent time and a lovely meal. Then, it was time for the game.

Now, normally, I would obviously go for the better team, but I’m not five years old, so it was time to get serious since I’ve been loyal to my one and only team, Tottenham Hotspur. But there was a serious problem: If I were to go for Stoke, I would get beat up, so the only solution was to keep quiet. When the game started, everyone was roaring and chanting, and all of a sudden, it stopped. Then it began, then stopped, and over and over, that happened over 5 minute intervals. It came to a corner around the 35th minute when Gary Cahill rose and bounced the ball into the goal off a header. That’s when they all started to sing. 1-0 at the half. The 2nd half begun and right off the start, Bruno Martins Indi scored off a cross. Everything became silent. Personally, that goes to show that, although at the top of the table, the fans don’t sing unless something positive happens. Until the 57th minute, Willian scored and everyone was on their feet again. Then again it was Peter Crouch who leveled it, yet again. No one talking. 2-2 at the 65th minute, the whistle blew, and right before you know it, it’s 3-2, just under a minute after Stoke had equalized. It was all cheers and joy when Diego Costa put it away five minutes before stoppage time. Final whistle, and all 3 points went to the Blues as they took it home for New Years Eve.

Although winning, it seemed a bit dull outside of Stamford Bridge, no chants, no cheers, no nothing. My family and I went back for a cheese platter and dessert where I saw Glen Johnson and Ryan Shawcross getting in their van. As players cars passed by, I yelled Hazard’s name and got a wave in response. As we were waiting for an Uber, everyone recognized that the blacked out Mercedes G-Wagon belonged to David Luiz. In no time, everyone rushed to his car and went crazy, asking for pictures and autographs, until I noticed who was in front of me. The car behind David’s belonged to Cesar Azpilicueta, the Spanish left-back. I yelled to him, hesitated to rush to him, but did it anyways. I asked for a picture, got one, and left. I had never really met a Premiership player in such fashion, besides Harry Kane. All in all, it was a fun and enjoyable match to watch. Hospitality deserves more credit at Chelsea as I’d go back anytime, maybe for a loss next time.

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Featured Image by Ben Sutherland