How Much of an Affect Will these New Signings Have on Their Clubs?

Welcome to my second piece for All Out Football, where today I will be talking about new signings, and what effect I think they’ll have on their team’s performances.

Matt Gilks – Scunthorpe United

First of all, I want to talk about Matt Gilks, who has recently signed for the club I support, Scunthorpe United. At first, I was sceptical about this signing, purely because our last ‘keeper (Luke Daniels) was the best we’d had in a couple of years. But at the end of last season, he moved to Brentford. When I heard about his transition, I was slightly concerned that we wouldn’t find another goalkeeper like him, then Matt Gilks came along from Wigan Athletic. Like I  said, I was worried about him not being as good, but, last night at the Scunthorpe United vs Sunderland AFC friendly, he proved me wrong. Despite the game being goalless, his saves prevented us from losing. I suggest you go watch the highlights of the game from last night on YouTube, so you can see what I mean. Even the Sunderland fans were impressed. Overall, I think that Gilks can have a great impact on our club’s performance, and hopefully take us to where we need to be at the end of the season.

Romelu Lukaku – Manchester United

This signing has sparked some very interesting opinions over the past couple of weeks. Some say his move from Everton to United will cause Everton to fall, and some say it will benefit them. But how exactly? Lukaku has already scored a goal, in United’s friendly against Manchester City. Does this mean that he has many more goals to come? Or do you think he won’t get much of a chance to show United what he’s capable of? Personally, I think he’ll steal the spotlight at Manchester United, and become a favourite of United fans all around the country.

Joe Hart – West Ham United

Some Manchester City fans have always had a love/hate relationship with Hart, so if you’re a devoted Man City fan, are you happy to see him go? I know that this question will have divided opinions, so leave your answer in the comments, or tweet me @jadesufc_ if you want a say. Anyway, we’ve talked about City fans, but what about West Ham supporters? What are your opinions on Joe Hart, and do you think this will make any difference/have an impact on the direction your club goes in next season? I think it will certainly have an impact on the team’s performances. but I can’t decided whether it’s going to be positive or negative. I guess we’ll have to wait until the new season to find out.

Lee Tomlin – Cardiff City

City have recently signed midfielder Lee Tomlin from Bristol City for an undisclosed fee, but do you think it’s worth it? Do you think it was a good idea for them to sign Tomlin, and do you think he’ll have an impact on their performances? Tomlin says his goal is to “get back to the Premier League” with Cardiff and that “he feels he can do it”. What are your opinions on this? Do you think he will reach the premier league with Cardiff or not? I don’t know much about him as a player if I’m going to be honest, but I do know he feels passionate about his club, and wants to help Cardiff reach the highest they can.

Liam Walker – Notts County

Notts County have signed midfielder Liam Walker from Gribraltar-based side Europa FC. He’s already played a couple of pre season friendlies with the team, and according to sources, impressed many fans. I think that he will help Notts County massively, as he has already made a good first impression in the pre season, so in my opinion, he’ll be a favourite this season. Let me know what you think of this signing, and what impact you feel Walker will have on the League Two side.

That’s it for my article today, if you enjoyed, you can go read my last article “Who Will Be The League One Champions This Season?”. If you have an opinion you would like to share on this topic then please either leave it in the comments or tweet me (@jadesufc_). Also, which club do you think has made the best summer signing(s) so far?? Let me know what you think!