Money money money

It’s no secret that money is becoming pretty prominent in the footballing world and it’s addition has made thousands have fans argue if the plethora of money being piled into the sport is a positive or a burden on the beautiful game. For every PSG fan who claims money is a beautiful thing to the Luton Town fans who argue that it’s spoiling the game there’s always two sides to every story and this one is a fairy-tale and that of David vs Goliath.Money money mone

Whenever there’s a conversation involving money there’s always 1 usual suspect amongst the pack, France’s own PSG. The French team has spent the most money in their history in recent years by breaking the record transfer fee last year with their addition of Samba Superstar Neymar. Adding to that the upcoming transfer of currently on loan Kylian Mbappe showing that they’re not one to shy away from a transfer fee. I think it becomes apparent that you are taking it a bit too far when you have to loan a player to dodge breaking the UEFA financial fair play rules.
Whereas on the other hand of the spectrum it can be a good thing for clubs and fans alike, as it means that fans of football can see some of the best players of the generation playing in harmony. This has obviously been happening for a while thinking about the greats like Manchester United’s treble wining side with Sir Alex Ferguson however it is becoming much more prominent in the modern game. A great example of this is the currently unbeaten Manchester City Side with the likes of Midfield Maestro Kevin De Bruyne and prolific poacher Sergio Agüero which is just a joy to watch regardless if they are running riot on your team or not.

However in Scotland the problem is lingering around the Premier League as the unbeatable Celtic team is running riot against the likes of Partick Thistle and Ross County but suffering devastating defeats against the European giants they are facing up against in the Champions League. After a staggering run of 65 games unbeaten the Bhoys are running rampant in a diddy League. The clear factor lingering in the whole unbeatable situation is the financial aspect and since the only team close to matching the Boys in Green are Rangers, who went through liquidation earlier in the 2010’s, aren’t exactly the most qualified team to compare them against as they managed to be in debt to a face painting company. But looking at the situation it is a fact that three of the main leagues are being dominated by the most free-spending clubs like PSG, Man City and even Celtic all dominating their respective Leagues (all be it some smaller than others).
Where the clubs seem to be enjoying there runs at the top of their game, the fans however are not exactly as ecstatic as their club counterparts. With some clubs forcing there fans to pay as much as £50 a ticket for one game of football. The irony in that statement is astonishing to me as football was born on the streets of Brazil and it’s parents are the poorest of the poor in Brazil and now the millionaires of the world have adopted the game and made it their own. This sad change is demonstrated in my life as I have multiple friends that support Celtic and want to be part of the club and contribute to the success of their team however simply cannot afford a ticket to the games which is simply unacceptable and the game should not, in my opinion, be treated the way it is.
The Bundesliga, Germany’s top league is a perfect example of how a club doesn’t have to drop in quality to charge a smaller price for tickets. In the top league in Germany you can watch 2 of the world’s biggest clubs collide (Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund) and only pay around £15 to get in. This level is what clubs should be striving towards and if Some owners decided to charge as much as the German teams, it would be revolutionary to the beautiful game.
To summarise the points as simply as possible the world of football is now revolving solely around money and it’s now better for a fan to be in a lower league. It allows thrills and spills that every football fan loves to experience and the affordable pricing the big club-supporters dream of having. Sadly everything has to evolve and football is going through that stage and there’s not much fans can do to stop it, as much as people can try it’s sadly impossible to halt evolution.

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