MK Dons Raise Money for Hyde United

Written by Connor Lawson

MK Dons are a heavily scrutinised club for one very understandable reason, but it isn’t often that the football world is forced to give them praise for doing something rather good.

This is one of those very few occasions.

Last weekend, MK Dons visited Hyde United in the first round of the FA Cup. As this game was televised, it probably won’t be news to most of you that flares were thrown onto the pitch both pre-match and at half time.

Contrary to some rumours, these flares were not thrown by MK Dons fans, nor were they thrown by Hyde fans. They were thrown by people who never attend Hyde games, and therefore didn’t really consider the financial implications for the non-league side.

Those implications are as follows: £12,500 to repair the pitch.

Obviously, this is a huge sum of money for a non-league side and would mean a large majority of the money they earned from the game being televised and actually reaching the first round would have to be spent on it, as oppose to being put back into the community as they had originally intended.

So, up stepped some MK Dons fans who set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise money to help Hyde cover some of the costs of repairing their pitch.

The page, set up by David Drysdale last Tuesday, had a target of £1,000. At the time of writing, MK Dons fans have raised £1,410, a hugely generous helping hand to Hyde United.

This is in spite of them being supposedly spat at and coined on the night, as well as a flare actually being thrown into the away end.

Regardless of your opinion on the club and their fans, there is simply no denying that this is a great gesture, and would be praised all over the media if it were another club.

The fund is going to continue until Friday, so potentially even more money could be raised to assist the non-league outfit financially.

Hyde did manage to repair the pitch when they hosted Ossett Albion on Saturday.

Some fans still seem discontent with this gesture from MK Dons fans after it was posted on Facebook.

One fan said “MK Dons don’t have any fans…they’re not a real club just a mere franchise set up after the theft of a club”.

Another said “the evil franchise scum should offer to pay the whole bill immediately” – clearly not reading the fact the flare was thrown from the home end.

Another fan, quite amusingly, added “plastics paying to repair plastic”.

Despite the negative comments, Hyde chief executive Mark Worthington said “It’s a fantastic gesture. The MK Dons fans were brilliant on the night and it’s great that they have started this fund, which is a big help.”

If you want to donate to the fund then follow this link

Leave your thoughts below, is this a good gesture from MK Dons fans or an attempt to get the football world to like them? Or both?