MK Dons – From Bad To Worse

Written by Connor Lawson

MK Dons are currently sitting 21st in League One, much to the delight of the majority of AOF readers I am sure. Having parted company with manager Karl Robinson over a month ago, not much has improved for the side from Milton Keynes. Mainly because they haven’t actually appointed a new manager yet.

Strange as it may seem, the ‘brains’ behind the MK Dons machine, Pete Winkelman, has taken time over the appointment of a new man. He said he wants it to be a thorough process in order to find the ‘right man for the future’.

Well, Mr. Winkelman, here’s some food for thought, our future will be in League Two if you don’t pull your finger out. Even Karl Robinson, the man we parted company with, has found a new job at Charlton before we find his replacement.


But of course you can understand the desire possessed by Pete Winkelman to take it slow. It’s not like MK Dons are in the relegation zone, without a league win since September and have two huge games against Coventry and AFC Wimbledon coming up.

Fans are becoming increasingly disgruntled. Boos have been commonly heard at Stadium:MK in recent weeks, but are they really aimed at the players? Many are becoming very frustrated with the chairman and it isn’t hard to see why. On Tuesday evening, they couldn’t even beat a side bottom of the league, who had lost all of their last eight and had not won away all season. Of course, MK Dons generously gave them that first away win and Chesterfield, like so many this season, came away with three points.

I could quite easily go along a list off some facts for you to indulge and, for the bulk of you, laugh at, but I am not going to give you that pleasure unfortunately. Not because I don’t want you to laugh at MK Dons, because, quite frankly, they are a joke at the moment, but because I would be here forever reeling off some pitiful statistics.

Pete Winkelman is not a football chairman. He is a businessman. He is utterly clueless. What qualifies that man to run a football club, I mean, he doesn’t even really have a lot of money. He can’t pump heaps of cash into the club and seems to be fairly happy spending as little as possible, as I can’t imagine his son, the head of recruitment, is getting paid anywhere near as much as a proper scout.

The truth is, MK Dons need to hire a manager as soon as possible. With the Christmas period coming up and the table starting to take shape, MK Dons do not want to be in a relegation dog fight, which is exactly where they are heading.

I have made this statement before, and it didn’t go down too well with some other MK Dons fans, but Pete Winkelman does not care about this club, or football.

It is plain to see. That football stadium with the arena attached was built for more than just football, and it has hosted concerts, darts and rugby. More money for Winkelman. There is a leisure park on the MK1 complex which houses shops, restaurants and a cinema. More money for Winkelman. There is a hotel within the stadium. More money for Winkelman. There is an obvious correlation between what Winkelman has built, and the amount of money he has made.

The big stadium he wants for Premier League football is, at the moment, home to an awful standard of League One football, fans who are increasingly annoyed, an awful atmosphere and empty seats.

Only one man can really change any of that, Mr. Winkelman.


credit Glenn Salt

Where does the money he earns go? It certainly doesn’t go into transfers, which is one of the moans Karl Robinson had. It simply vanishes, into the back pocket of Pete Winkelman.

One question is, who would want to manage MK Dons at the moment. I don’t blame Lampard and Gerrard for not wanting to manage a group of poor, unmotivated players, working for a man who won’t give you much money, with a team who don’t even have a training ground, yet think they are Championship standard.

It is simply not good enough. Pete Winkelman simply must appoint a manager by Saturday. If not, there will be growing calls for him to sell up, and leave.

MK Dons fans, what do you think? Who is mostly responsible? Who do you want in charge? Let us know in the comments below!

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