MK Dons are on their way Down

MK Dons are on their way Down

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Written by Connor Lawson

The headline itself is enough to make middle aged men jump up with excitement, and enough to make the Against Modern Football Twitter account eagerly tap away claiming a victory for football.

Yes, as much as you might want to think you are dreaming, the team everyone loves to hate are on their way to League Two, after a long absence.

After a couple of draws, many MK Dons fans were holding onto the shortest straw of hope but, as a result of losing to Bristol Rovers at the weekend, and Rochdale picking up a win against Walsall yesterday evening, it seems to be a foregone conclusion.

The inevitable and harsh reality for MK Dons fans has caused disunity amongst MK Dons supporters, both in the stands and on social media.

Fans turned on each other, some even claiming that certain groups were not real fans, despite those fans travelling far and wide over the course of the season following the side. "But MK Dons don't have any fans!" I bet you're thinking, but they do, and for many they cannot agree on how best to receive the team.

Most have resorted to booing and scathing, but justified, songs aimed at the players and management. Midfielder and full time invisible man Ouss Cisse was cheered off at the weekend, and not because he had had a good game.

Some fans believe that this is the wrong approach and that the team needs the full support of the fans, an equally acceptable approach, although considering all the team have had all season is the support of the fans, it's unlikely to have much of an impact.

MK Dons are doomed, and face the fantastic prospect of Forest Green Rovers at home on a Tuesday night in front of 3,000 people in a 30,000 capacity stadium.

Dan Micciche, though, is quick to rush to the defence of, well, himself, blaming injuries and suspensions on a run which still hasn't seen him win a game since taking charge. If anything, the club has gone backwards since the departure of Robbie Neilson at the end of January.

You, the All Out Football readers, have seen many an article from me throughout this campaign, and they have gotten more and more negative as MK Dons' season has progressed. I have already criticised the players; I have already criticised the management; I have already criticised the chairman; there is no one left for me to criticise.

Instead of criticising, let's just take a look at what MK Dons need to do to survive:

MK Dons are six points adrift of safety, with eleven games left to play, meaning there are still 33 points up for grabs. A benchmark for survival is most likely around 48 points, meaning that MK Dons must pick up 16 points from 11 games.

Having only picked up two points from their last 8 games, this seems an almost impossible feat.

In truth, this month coming up is probably going to be their best chance of picking up some points, with five games left to play, three of which are at home and one is against the bottom club, Bury.

Despite that, they still face the difficult task of visiting Bradford, as well as hosting high-flyers Rotherham.

As a minimum for March, I'm going to estimate the Dons could get around 9 points.

April is a lot harder for them, as they face Blackburn at home, travel to Wigan and host Scunthorpe, although there are two games against a couple of mid table sides in between that.

Therefore, for April, MK Dons should be aiming for a minimum of 7 points, meaning that on the last day of the season when they travel to Shrewsbury in May, they need not to pick up any points.

Obviously, this is all wishful thinking and a miracle will be required, but it isn't over until the fat lady sings, as they say.

MK Dons need to start performing, there's no place to hide for those players, or Dan Micciche.

It's now or never.