Mike Ashley Eyes up Rangers Move

Mike Ashley Eyes up Rangers Move

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Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley is rumoured to be interested in taking over at Glasgow Rangers and is believed to be readying a £30 million bid to take control of the club. Current Rangers owner Dave King has known issues with the Newcastle United owner who has a 9% stake in the Glasgow giants however both owners who have very chequered pasts in other business ventures over the years so I can only see this harming the club even further.

Ashley who currently owns Newcastle United has over his tenure at the club witnessed two relegation's and for the most part saw a lack of investment in the playing squad at the club and only acted to invest to get the club promoted back to the Premier League purely for his own selfish gains so he could bank more money into his swelling bank balance. Ashley at times has never came out and spoken about his plans for NUFC apart from one occasion on the Sky TV cameras to promise investment which did not happen, his dirty work is carried out by Lee Charnley who himself is no better and appears happy to anger the Geordie public when instructed to make decisions on Ashley's behalf.

So lets look at what Mike Ashley has done to Newcastle United, he has instructed player sales such as Andy Carroll and Yohan Cabaye in which the money banked from those sales was never reinvested into the squad along with other sales of playing staff, Re-named St James's Park to bring in extra revenue which never happened and brought in Wonga as the main sponsor who also have a chequered history with loans etc. Ashley uses St James's Park like his own private billboard advertising his beloved SportsDirect wherever he possibly can inside and outside of the ground.

Fans have been so angered with the owner protests which have been staged in front of the watching world and the man has shown no sign of acknowledging fans unrest and is barely visible at St James's Park as he is to busy having holidays and some of his additions to the club have been nothing short of shocking. Joe Kinnear, Dennis Wise and Alan Pardew. Kinnear and Wise were brought in to help with player recruitment and the word clueless springs to mind.Then manager Alan Pardew always had an excuse to hand for every defeat and blamed everyone else including the fans for his own downfalls, a man who tactically was inept and could never problem solve during games, granted one season the club finished 5th in the Premier League which was fantastic but look what followed. Steve McClaren now of Derby landed his dream job which led the club to relegation. Replacing him was current manager Rafa Benitez who has done wonders at turning club fortunes around but again fell victim to Ashley's fake promises and no investment in January's window which had fans worried that he would leave but thankfully he is strong enough to stick to his principles and has had talks with the owner.

Now it is being widely reported that the SportsDirect tycoon wants Rangers and Rangers supporters can expect the same kind of nonsense from him at their club, this man is a bad egg in my opinion and is only in it for his own selfish gains and he will no doubt bring in his yes men and will granted financially stabilise the club but won't invest as he allegedly believes in investing in youth set ups, and this is purely as he likes the coaching staff to develop the player and then sell him on at profit which is obviously what the football world is about but he runs his clubs like he runs his business and will not invest to develop and strengthen the squad, yes he has invested in Newcastle in the summer but that's money from other revenues and then there is this loan to the club that will never be paid back as this will not be beneficial to Ashley.

Rangers fans if this deal does happen I would be concerned but I am not entirely convinced it will as Dave King is unlikely to sell to a man who he does not like which will then leave the club no further forward and I believe there is a court case coming up regarding club merchandise, I may be wrong on this but if Ashley is involved in that case there will be no way King will sell. The only option would be investment abroad, an option that is not always the correct one but one thing I do know is Rangers fans if Ashley takes control be prepared for the roller-coaster that is Ashley and whatever way he can he will find a way to exploit your loyalty to your club.

Dave King is no saint and he is no better than Ashley with strings of cases brought against him for fraud in South Africa. It beggars belief to see how he even passed a fit and proper persons test to gain control of the Glasgow giants, granted he is very wealthy but look at recent events at the club, no manager still in place and will look to appoint a relevant manager with little experience and why he can control transfer budgets and dictate to the new man in charge, again like Ashley no interest in securing the clubs long-term gain, in it for selfish reasons and this is all my opinion of course but I have first hand experience of Ashley and King is exactly the same way.

Newcastle fans, what are your feelings having been under Mike Ashley for quite some time? Let us know in the comments below!