Mercenary Season Is Upon Us ££££££

Written by Chris Tipton

I went to get my haircut the other day, only to find my barber (you must remember him) crying into his coffee. I asked him what was his problem (I’m good like that you know). Please have a tissue & tell Chris all about it. Well he said it was about the apprentice he’d been training for the last 3 years, who has only gone and got a job with his rival. Wow, why’s he gone there mate. This was his answer. “He’s only gone for more money, and the chance of winning the golden scissors working with them over there “the bucking mercenary”….

This got me thinking about footballers (really it did). So it’s the season of Autumn or as director of football at clubs call it “Mercenary season”. Every club in the country will have by now had an agent or two (the curse of all curses) on the phone to tell them about “their player”, who’s out of contract in the summer, and they’re sure a deal “can” be done & be ready to sign in January for this players services. (If the ££££ is right that is also so release clause stacks up in his favour). I’ve read a few things about what these “top” players have said about their contracts & how short of a career football is. So here is a genuine quote from a Liverpool player. “I am only focused on the season with Liverpool. My agent takes care of the rest.”

My response is always the same to this. Firstly it’s great that you’ve made it as a footballer, because when you were a kid I bet all your mates wanted to be was a professional player. Secondly, I love the fact our club put you on the football map. Thirdly, I realise how short your career is, not many people’s career only lasts 12/17 years at best. It’s such a shame that they only earn in one year what a normal working man/woman earns in two working lifetimes! (Average annual wage of £3.6 million for a player at Premier League club (who we’ll call XYZ). Compare that to the national average yearly wage in UK of £22k. Again put into perspective “that footballer over a 10 year period (that being his working life) will earn roughly (after tax etc) £20 million. We as normal working classes will earn in our working life £800k before tax!!  So you “Can” see why I feel for any player who refuses to sign a new contract, especially one that’s not exactly what they want, but do I really blame the player regarding their contract? Nope, I blame their advisers, agents and every other blood sucking creature that involves themselves in contractual involvement of the player. (No I don’t like agents)….

Below is the contract I’d insist on if it was me…..

I’d want a massive signing on fee, an improved every year contract, you can’t sack me, include a Klinsmann, (play every match regardless) pay my agent, club car of my choice, personal appearance fees, share of any merchandise in which I’m included in and most importantly, a release clause that I’ll decide on (for when I get tapped up, and am offered the above, at a much better rate). You can copy that contract adjust it how you want and hand it to your boss in the morning. Pay rise assured, I only want 20% of your annual take home pay. ??

Thanks again TippySr… ?

PS The barbers apprentice has now been offered a new job, no floor sweeping has been included in his new contract.