Mental Health and Football

Mental health is being spoken about more than ever right now. More than 55,000 suicides occur in the European Union each year and that’s there’s a death by suicide every 2 hours. The stereotype from footballers is that they’re meant to be warriors and have strong personalities. But it’s now an open door footballers and fans to come forward about their mental health. Billy Kee, Accrington Stanley striker spoken publicly about his struggles with anxiety and depression which nearly led to Kee giving up football. Kee told his story to BBC sport February of this year. ,

Clarke Carlisle ex Burnley and Leeds United defender opened up about his depression and the stigma around mental health on Good Morning Britain. Carlisle also opened up about that a stranger convinced him to call his family and persuaded him not to commit suicide after he went missing last year. The former Leeds defender also wrote for the Guardian about ex leeds winger Aaron Lennon that also dealt with mental health issues.

Hopeful more footballers and male athletes are more open about their mental health and it’s helping others to open up about their own. If anyone is struggling here’s a link to the nhs helpline and the efl mental health section for their help guides.–anti-discrimination/mental-health/