Why Is Mbappè Priced So Highly?

Why Is Mbappè Priced So Highly?

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Kylian Mbappè is increasingly becoming the most sought after young talent in world football. Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal and even PSG, who have already landed Neymar this summer, are rumoured to be interested. Every big club appears to be at least looking at the 18 year old and outrageous sums of money, what would have been a world record fee, before Neymar's move, have been tossed around since he burst onto the scene in the latter stages of the Champions League. But is he worth it? Of course, I would argue no footballer is worth over £100 million, but in today's market, is he really worth so much?

Let's start with the obvious facts. He scored against Dortmund three times in two matches, he penetrated a Juventus defence that hadn't been breached at home in the CL all season - not even by an MSN Barcelona. He broke the record for the goals scored consecutively in the Champions League, a feat even Messi and Ronaldo haven't managed in their careers. He did all this at 18 and on the highest quality stage possible. Of course this would turn heads. Despite, his magnificent statistics in the CL, I would like to point out something amidst the hype. Martin Braithwaite who has signed for my team Middlesbrough for less than £10 million who scored nine Ligue 1 goals last season. For Toulouse a significantly worse side than Monaco. A difference of six to Mbappè. A noticeable amount, but £130 million's worth?

An even better example is Steve Mounie, who dazzled in his first Premier League game, snatching a brace. He scored fifteen goals in Ligue 1 last term, compared to Mbappè's sixteen. He also moved for around £10 million. Mbappè did also get eight assists compared to Mounie's one, but again the difference in team quality must be considered, with Mounie scoring goals for a near relegated Montpellier, surely being the more impressive feat than Mbappè, for the champions, Monaco. Mounie hasn't been doing it his whole life either. He's still only 22. Older than Mbappè, but still a youngster. As impressive as Mbappè was in the Champions League for his age, the hype worries me. With those stats I wouldn't cart Ronaldo or Messi or Cavani or Lukaku out of my team to start him. And paying £130 million for a bench player seems a tad expensive. He needs time to mature first. At least,  in my opinion.

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