Matty Taylor's Glittering Career

Matty Taylor's Glittering Career

Last update: 5 May 2019 Tags: Matty Taylor. Categories: League Two.

Well what can I say about the one and only Matty Taylor... he started his long playing career at Luton Town FC and will be finishing it at Swindon Town FC.

You can tell that for a footballer he is getting on a bit now and can't always keep up with play but one thing that hasn't deserted him and I don't think will ever desert him is his free kicks and corners, it is such a shame you can't bring a player on to take the free kicks and corners and then take them back off again.

But after playing in the premier league for a number of years he has had a Glittering career playing for the likes of Burnley, Portsmouth, West Ham just to name a few teams.

If it wasn't for Luton giving him his first pro contract would he be a player now, I expect so as in his hey day he was a goalscorer and wow at some of his goals especially his free kicks they are just something else, but I wonder who would of taken a chance on him.

As for his post playing career, what does he have in mind? He has stated that he wants to become a manager and is currently doing his coaching badges, will he be any good as a manager, I'm not so sure even though he is a leader on the pitch but in his last away game (against Cheltenham) there was no leaders on the pitch according to wellens but Taylor was on the pitch so was no one listening to him or was he just not saying anything to the players I think the first because where 1 he is still a player and 2 maybe he wont be a hands on coach and just let the players get on with it.

I think he would be better as a pundit and he does get on the sky EFL programmes quite a bit and think he would be a better pundit than a manager.

But as his final match finishes I just want to thank him for the memories he has made for the faithful Swindon Town fans and wish him all the best for the future!

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