Mason Mount, the Sun!

When Thomas Tuchel released his first ever Chelsea starting eleven, there was a collective groan from majority of the Chelsea fanbase. Mason Mount was on the bench! The player who was dubbed as Lampard’s son by a part of the fanbase and according to them, Mason Mount was rightfully on the bench. But that did not last long and Mason Mount has continued doing what he does best, producing quality performances. Let us take a look at the player who was wrongfully called the managers son when actually, he maybe is the teams Sun.
It is really hard at times to comprehend the hatred that Mason Mount receives considering the fact that he joined Chelsea when he was six. One would think that Mount would automatically position himself in the hearts of every Chelsea fan especially given the fact that he is “one of our own”. But somehow, he has become a polarizing topic for a lot of Chelsea fans but credit to him for coming up with the goods time and time again.
“He has a lot of potential. Besides being a great footballer, he is a super-nice guy. He is eager to learn, hungry to win, open-minded and he can perform for any manager”, when your new manager has this to say, internet trolls really shouldn’t get into your mind. Mount has shown exactly why Tuchel rates him so highly. He scored the winning goal at Anfield, opened the scoring against Sheffield United at Bramall Lane while also earning the penalty that saw Chelsea salvage a point against Southampton. He also scored the winning goal against Fulham which turned out to be Frank Lampards last win as Chelsea boss. Mount has so far scored 5 goals while providing 3 assists.
Watching Mason Mount in action, it is quite amazing how he manages to make space for himself. The ability to separate yourself from the opponent leads to more space and thus more time to pick the right option. Add to the that the ability to dribble past your opponent, awareness and deadly precision and you have the ingredients for a superstar. Chelsea’s spectacular summer spending did raise doubts about whether Mount will have a spot on the team, but that has only made him better.
There are also statistical data that backs the importance of Mason Mount to Chelsea. For example, Chelsea have an xG + / – of 18 with Mason Mount on the pitch, this means Chelsea are expected to score 18 more goals with Mount on the pitch this season. In comparison, Manchester City have an xG +/- of 19 with Kevin De Bryune on the pitch. Mount has also created 123 shot-creating actions, offensive actions directly leading to a shot, which is 57 more than Timo Werner in second place. He also has the 4th best npxG, non-penalty expected goals, at Chelsea with 3.5 with him also being the Premier Leagues third best key passer. His progression with the ball is phenomenal, Mason Mount has so far recorded 142 progressive passes, completed passes that move the ball 10 yards further into the opposition half compared to any of the last six passes, more than any other teammates. He also currently has the 5th most progressive carries, 6th most carries into the final third, and is 5th for most through balls in the Premier League.
Mason Mount is also crucial for the Chelsea press. He can be described as the trigger for the Chelsea press. So far, he has registered 516 pressures which is 113 more than N’Golo Kante at 2nd place. He also ranks 5th overall in the Premier League for pressures applied. This highlights how important Mount for Chelsea as a defensive unit as well. Mount has so far committed 44 fouls, the 3rd most in the Premier League. Though at first glance it may seem clumsy, but these fouls can be regarded as tactical fouls which halt the opposition from counter attacking. This helps to further solidify Mount’s presence in the team.
Mason Mount has so far proven himself to be a poster boy for Chelsea’s famed academy. He has taken his chance and solidified his position as a bona fide superstar. Those who question him may also one day question whether the water is actually wet. But he doesn’t care, he’s too busy winning matches!
(All stats are from StatsBomb)

featured image credit sky sports