Marco Silva Drama

Marco Silva Drama

Last update: 17 November 2017 Tags: Watford FC, Marco Silva, Everton FC. Categories: Premier League.

Just when Watford thought they were turning a corner, up step Everton football club, who despite beating the Hornets in their last match, have got themselves in a real mess. After the dismissal of Ronald Koeman the Toffees have turned to Silva and have had a large offer rejected for the Portuguese head coach. Here's a first little tip for you, Marco, the club baying for your signature are panicking and while the sought after head coach is a worthwhile investment, it would be through a lack of structure and thought. Silva himself hardly installs belief that he would be at a club for a long time as it's abundantly clear that Vicarage Road is not his long term home. So once again that puts into question Everton's thinking, a club that have already misfired on over a hundred million of transfer dealings in the summer surely can't be that tempting?

We're only in November and we're talking about our head coach moving onto pastures new, a man that has got relegated in English football and nothing more if we're looking in black and white. Of course you shouldn't look at it that simply, he got a Hull side performing well above themselves and more often that not getting the results to match despite ending in the drop zone. He's transferred these skills to a more talented Hornets side and my word what a joy it was to be a part of up until the last few weeks. As we anticipated, we got ourselves a talent to rescue last campaign's misery. But Silva is no angel, the fact we concede from zonal corners in what seems to be a weekly basis is criminal, it's cost us points against lacklustre opposition and now Watford are facing a fourth straight defeat. So Marco, once again maybe it's time to actually prove your worth rather than look to jump ship, even more so to a side that I believe are no better than us. In typical English football fashion, everyone has jumped on the Marco Silva bandwagon and it's far too early to do so,  I really think he's got a lot of questions still to answer.

Of course we as fans don't know the ins and outs, we do know that Silva wasn't given everything he wanted in the summer transfer window and those decisions are making life more difficult with the lack of wide men at the club the most glaring problem. That being said the tools are still there for Silva to go on for more lofty ambitions which I'm sure everyone at the club can accept, given the right time and objectives have been met. After finishing 17th last season not much was expected of Watford yet again, with clear evidence already that Silva can easily take his reputation on to the next level, a move to Everton seems odd and ill calculated just as much as you can understand he will have greater resources at his disposal.

I've seen opinions that if Silva doesn't want to be here then simply get shot of him. I cannot see any positivity to come from that, this squad needs to follow the same direction it has taken so far this season. Another change in coach but this time during the season could be very detrimental. We've already seen how temperamental this squad can get with different methods so the alarm bells should be ringing and the risk of another appointment is not one I want to think about after following Walter Mazzarri's side. Lets not kid ourselves, the last two results aside life as a Watford fan couldn't get any better, what we currently have in place is exactly all we can ask for as a club with limited ambitions outside of the top 6. Do we genuinely believe there's another sharp young manager waiting to jump into employment? For as well as I didn't know who Marco Silva was not too long ago, I don't see us getting a replacement to the same level, the exact profile that this clubs need is here right now and whether you like the attitude or not, Silva has to remain as Watford boss.

The ideal circumstance now is that time drags on and Everton hurry into appointing another manager. I think we've learnt a lot about the intentions of Marco Silva and that leaves me bitterly disappointed with a growing distaste for the man unfortunately brewing particularly should losses continue to occur. While it almost feels fickle to question the loyalty of someone in football, particularly with the clubs stance on head coaches, with it being so early on you can't help but worry that such an optimistic season could be turning into a sour one yet again.

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