Manchester United: What's gone wrong at Old Trafford?

Manchester United: What's gone wrong at Old Trafford?

Last update: 27 September 2020 Tags: Man United, Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Categories: Premier League.

You’ve read the headlines and you’ve seen the news, Man Utd are struggling and it’s an all too familiar feeling of déjà vu for us United fans.

Speaking as a United fan myself, it’s hard to find any positives at the moment. A 3-1 slaughtering to Crystal Palace in our opening game, a lucky undeserved last-minute win over Brighton yesterday, and a laughingcstock in the transfer market.

It may have only been a few weeks ago that we claimed third place, but last season’s fairly successful campaign couldn’t feel more of a distant memory if we tried.

Three games played into the new season and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is already having to look over his shoulder, as fans call for his dismissal. But is it deserved?

We all knew that the club had to invest in the team if they wanted to build on last season’s success, and after a slow start to the window, many thought Donny Van De Beek was the start of something big. How wrong they were!

With just over a week left to go of the summer window, DVDB is still the only new face in the squad and critics are blaming the pulling power of Ole for the failure to capture new signings. But this really isn’t the problem.

Yes, he hasn’t got the charm or reputation that Pep or Klopp have, but I don’t believe that this is the reason for the embarrassing window us fans are having to endure. Reputation as a manger is unequivocally a huge bonus when trying to win over a player, but Lampard is living proof that you don’t need trophies under your belt to bring in quality.

Unlike Lampard, Ole has had little to no logical backing in this window. The issue doesn’t lie in the manager's CV, but the capabilities of those above him.

We look likely to miss out on Jadon Sancho, the transfer saga of the window, and a player that would definitely add real quality to a team lacking that ‘X-factor’. The club are under no illusion of the effect a single signing can have, look no further than our very own midfield maestro Bruno Fernandes if you don’t believe me; we all know that without him we wouldn’t be playing champions league football this season - even if not for long going by our recent form.

So why aren’t the club pulling out all the stocks to sign the highly-rated English youngster?

Nobody really knows whether the Dortmund star does want to move, but you would have thought the player would have put fans minds to rest with a statement if he didn’t. I mean the German club definitely aren’t shy of speaking up at the moment are they….

Putting the player's desires aside, however, Woodward and the Glazers seem too preoccupied with making a profit for themselves, than putting their money where their mouth is and coughing up the cash.

It would be embarrassing to hurl abuse at our manager, a man that won us third place, has begun to mould Greenwood into one of the finest finishers the club has seen since Robin Van Persie and stopped our future No1 keeper Henderson walking out the exit door.

Sancho, Reguilon, and soon at this rate Alex Telles, are all evidence that the problem is with the board. A simple solution and all three players could have been on the pitch to improve the lackluster display that United called football yesterday. The solution is as easy as spending money!

Nobody can say its Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s fault for the lack of signings when the club won’t pay the fee being asked. We missed out on Reguilon to rivals Spurs because we wouldn’t spend the money and we look set to miss out on Sancho and Telles for the same reason.

For a club that prides itself as one of the richest in the world, they are getting beaten to every player they go for.

And to add salt to the wound, the Glazers have taken £89 million out of the club since the 2014-15 season, more than double of any other premier league club. It’s painful to imagine the players we could have brought in with a budget increase of that amount of money!

With nine days left of the transfer window however, we can still hope for a repeat of last year’s final hour Maguire signing, else I wouldn’t blame Ole to walk out instead.