Maddison is Arsenal’s Number 1 Target

According to the AFC Bell via Twitter, Arsenal have made their number one transfer target in Leicester City’s top midfielder, James Maddison. The gunners have showed interest in him before. Particularly in the January transfer window in 2019 when Unai Emery was still manager. James Maddison is no doubt a great player. Every time I watch him, I think to myself, “he is just as good as Jack Grealish”. I’d like to think that if anyone can’t afford Grealish, they should try and go for Maddison as he is, in my opinion, Grealish’s double.

As much as I would like to have Maddison at the Emirates this season, I feel it would be near enough impossible to buy him. After doing some research on FIFA 21, I have seen his value is almost at the £50 million mark. Now maybe it’s not as close in reality as FIFA is only a game, but I feel it would still cost Arsenal an arm and a leg to even get him out of Leicester.

I feel he would be a valuable asset to the team if we cannot convince Real Madrid to let Odegaard stay. Let’s see how this all plays out.