Will Leicester Title Victory Inspire?

Written by David Robinson

The Premier League season is underway and this season should be one of real interest for many different reasons. Last season saw Leicester City win the Premier League which of course not one person would have seen coming. In what was a real eye opener in to just how poor the quality is in English football right now, the usual contenders were shambolic in their efforts to grab a golden chance to win the league but instead a side containing the likes of Danny Simpson, Wes Morgan and Marc Albrighton went on to be the league champions. This led to many of course praising the Premier League for it’s unpredictability which is certainly valid based on this outcome however it also drew conclusions that this story from the King Power Stadium would inspire smaller sides to have the belief to go and overturn the odds by challenging at the top of the league. Something I believe that is both illogical and not going to happen, here is why…


Leicester City 15/16

The counter attacking style deployed by Ranieri became a well oiled machine and that’s something that was truly unique for a league winner, to frequently have so little possession but with this have so much control. No one could seemingly work this system out. For a club that isn’t a heavyweight, this is the perfect way to challenge as the Foxes showed. A repeat would only be a possibility should a similar style be implemented and executed to perfection rather than going head to head with the big spenders and usual suspects as this would never work as a higher quality of player will win games so being clever tactically is huge but having the right squad of players means it’s impossible for most sides. Could something like this happen again though?

For a start any side that has next to no injuries will always have a chance, you cannot say Leicester would have won the league with an average amount of injuries particularly when title rivals suffered in this department with Man City and Arsenal always seeming to pick up key knocks throughout the season. This in itself is a key factor whether it be up or down the league. Dare I say if you get favourable decisions more often than not this can also swing games your way as we have seen the quality of officials are really not good enough and therefore each game is susceptible to influence by the Referee.


credit joshjdss

Season 16/17

This season I am expecting a more predictable Premier League once more. The likes of Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea all made miserable efforts last season and you would certainly expect both Manchester clubs to make much bigger strides with Chelsea making obviously huge leaps towards the top again. With even more money now invested in the league, the big guns are spending enormous amounts and in comparison to lower down the league it should mean that there should be a greater divide in quality between the top and bottom. You would fully expect the likes of Man City and Man Utd to be too strong for a host of clubs who simply don’t have the same spending power as quality should ultimately prevail over the course of the season. With what looks to be 5 or 6 much stronger competitors for the league title, the chances of a side like Leicester winning the league again will become even slimmer. The money in the Premier League but also the experience of the likes of Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola should see to that.

Do you agree? Can Leicester’s title win inspire certain clubs to defy the odds or was it definitely a one off? Let us know in the comments below!

featured image by Peter Woodentop