Juan Foyth, future Spurs legend?

Juan Foyth, future Spurs legend?

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Juan Foyth (20) has become quite some interest at Tottenham Hotspur recently with him being a consistent performer during the FA cup run. Playing 8 games in all competitions so far he has impressed many. But could he reach up to the potential of the other great Spurs Defenders of current and the past?

Although he hasn’t been given a chance to start a Premier League game yet, if he keeps his current performances up in the FA cup he may well be given the green light soon. Unfortunately for Foyth there’s no chance this season he will be playing in champions league again this season due to him being replaced in the squad by January signing Lucas Moura (25).

Juan Foyth joined Tottenham Hotspur for a few of £8 million on the 30th August 2017, with him much being an unknown to pretty much all Spurs fans. Many Spurs fans thought it was a bizarre signing as he had only played 9 games at his previous club Estudiantes. Juan would also have been noticed for his performances for Argentina’s U20’s during the U20’s World Cup. During the summer he was very close to joining French side PSG but he held out for a move to Tottenham Hotspur which already put him in the good books with the Spurs fans.

His recent FA cup performances have been very underrated. Unfortunately for the Argentine with the attackers getting all the praise against Rochdale Juan Foyth has gone unnoticed. In the first game against Rochdale he was partnered with Belgian Toby Alderweireld. However I think many Spurs fans will agree that he was for sure the better player on the day. Juan looked very calm and collected and very confident reminding many fans of Jan Vertonghen.

Foyth has to be compared with American centre back Cameron Carter-Vickers (20). With Foyth coming in unfortunately Carter-Vickers was sent out on loan to Sheffield United and now currently on loan at Ipswich. Cameron has looked good in some games and not so in the other games however this month he has been nominated for Ipswich player of the month. Carter-Vickers had a bad pre season and unfortunately did not live up to potential. It will be very interesting to see next season who will get the place in the Tottenham squad Juan Foyth or Cameron Carter-Vickers.

Juan Foyth looking very promising at this age he is only going to improve and with fellow Argentine Mauricio Pochettino, with a great track record with young players, many have said Foyth has potential to become one of the worlds best defenders in the future. So I guess the best is still to come for young Foyth.

What have you made of him so far Spurs fans? Let us know in the comments below!

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