Joe Hart’s Italian Adventure Is Exactly What He Needed

Written By: Gino Caruso

On the Move

There is no denying Hart’s abilities as a goalkeeper. Hart is at a level that he can win games for his team. His confidence is often questionable and a string of errors can cause him to fall down the pecking order. Two and a half years ago, Manuel Pellegrini sat him out for seven games due to his bad performances. After a treacherous Euro 2016 and an inability to fit into his new coach, Guardiola’s plans, Hart was forced elsewhere for first team football. Now he is in Turin with Serie A outfit Torino. The switch means he is guaranteed first team football.

Hart is able to play without the pressure and scrutiny he received in England. In addition, he is getting the opportunity to play in a new league. Obviously, Torino aren’t on the same level as Manchester City, so as a result he will be facing more shots. The start to his Torino career was abysmal. Hart made a foolish mistake on his debut, but quickly changed things around. He instantly established that he was a top goalkeeper and that a few mistakes would not define him. After a series of good performances he maintained his international spot with England. This was a result of his move to Torino.



Joe Hart showed exactly why he is England’s number one during the international break. After a win against Malta, England were confident going into the game against Slovenia. For England the game didn’t pan out as they expected. They had their back against the wall for parts of the match. Hart on the other hand, was showing no signs of complacency. Hart had a man of the match display. In the process pulling off one of the best saves of his career. He showed exactly what great goalkeepers do. Hart is enjoying the fruit of his labour. His move to Torino is paying dividends and is proving to be smart.

Guardiola’s Regret?

Hart’s performances are just raising the question; Why did Guardiola get rid of Hart? The answer is simple: Guardiola wants a goalkeeper that’s good with his feet. Though, this is quite ironic considering Hart’s replacement, Bravo, has shown he’s not too comfortable with the ball at his feet as well. In my opinion Hart’s abilities trump those of Bravo’s. I think his performance against Slovenia galvanised this idea. This adds to the fact on form Hart is a top 5 goalkeeper in the world and although he makes the occasional mistake, he can still win games. This is something Manchester City might miss, should they go far in the Champions League. A goal can be the difference between progression and getting knocked out. With this in mind, I’m not trying to say their current goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo is a bad goalkeeper, but Hart has shown his credentials in tough games. He had brilliant performances against Barcelona two years ago and Real Madrid last year. He kept Manchester City from going down even further and gave them a chance. Showing he was nothing less then world class.

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featured image by johrling