Jesse Lingard being a role model and influencing the next generation of footballers

If you asked Roy Keane to describe this era of footballers you’d have to wait a few seconds as the steam leaves his ears and the first few things he’d mention would be fashion, dancing, haircuts and social media and describe it as being wrong. Over the past 10 years we’ve seen the generation of footballers change especially the culture of football. A lot of footballers in the new generation get labeled as embarrassing and having their head in the cloud. 

Jesse Lingard is a huge role model for the next generation of footballers and in some ways a social media influencer. One thing Jesse Lingard does show is you can have fun and be at the top level of english football. Manchester United’s number 14 played an important role in their Premier league campaign and the variety of dances divided an opinion amongst fans and pundits. But in reality he’s a showing the next generation of footballers that you can have fun and be happy while playing football even amongst the negativity of the english media. Over recent years England’s number 7 has became a loveable personality as well as a football especially in the recent world cup. Jesse only providing one goal in the current tournament (pre quarter final) with a thunderous strike in England’s 6-1 win against Panama in their second game in the 2018 WC.

We couldn’t imagine Becks, Lamps, Gerrard or Terry suit the football culture these days but considering social media wasn’t even a thing when they were in there prime we wouldn’t know how involved they would’ve been if it was part of everyday life. Times have changed and will have a positive impact on the young generation of footballers hoping to make it on the big stage but having footballers like Jesse Lingard is why kids dream big and want to play well, work hard and be happy like the England Midfielder. As well as a reason why they shouldn’t care what people label them as long as they enjoy the beautiful game. 

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