It’s all lies lies lies…

Numerous pundits and ex-professionals have criticised West Ham fans and their chants towards the board and players. This article will explain why the supporters feel so angry at being let down by the current board and feel the need to express their anger and frustration.

The move from Upton Park to the London Stadium was a decision that fans were split over. My personal opinion is that on the surface it was a fantastic opportunity for the club and an offer the club could not refuse. Although, to move die hard supporters from their historic beloved home to somewhere completely new, promises of progression for the club had to be made. With it being an athletics stadium, supporters were worried that they would be seated miles away from the pitch, in comparison with the tight, close Upton Park. However, West Ham co-owner David Gold claimed that we cannot move unless the distance from the pitch to the seats is at the same distance as it is at Upton Park. Well that proved to be a lie as the Hammers moved stadiums and the gap between the seats and the pitch in many parts of the ground is astounding.

Vice-chairman Karren Brady, promised that the move would allow West Ham to become one of London’s elite clubs and push for the Champions League places. After a tame and at times relegation threatened 11th place finish last year, the Hammers continue to regress from that famous final season at the Boleyn, to this season being in 18th place and looking likely to get relegated.

The owners promised the scheme of family friendly, ‘affordable football’. Well, this season the Category A matches involving London derbies and big teams, children’s and adults tickets are placed at the exact same price between £50-£80. Hardly, ‘affordable football’.

David Gold tweeted in July 2013, ‘Our club badge is a representation of our history and heritage and will never change.’ However, just a year later the club unveiled a new badge, specially designed for when they went into the London Stadium. The more commercial design, is a lot more modern and more about West Ham as a brand rather than the football club’s history.

West Ham owners are also guilty of doing things on the cheap, in terms of buying players and managers:

The summer before the move into the new stadium, Hammers fans were promised a marquee £30 million signing. A 20 goal a season striker that the team desperately cried out for. They were linked with Alexandre Lacazette for months but in the end, ended up with the strikers Ashley Fletcher (who was on loan at Barnsley the previous season), Jonathon Calleri (signed from Deportivo Maldonado on loan) and Simone Zaza (signed from Juventus on loan). Between the three strikers, they scored one goal in the league because of the owner’s reluctance to splash the cash and rely on loans and free transfers.

After Slaven Bilic’s recent departure, the club tried to hire ex-Manchester City and Premier League title winning manager Roberto Mancini. However, the owners looked elsewhere after the Italian wanted £15 million a season. Which surely the board can afford, especially seeing that they don’t pay for their stadium and are making more money than ever in ticket revenue. However, the board chose the much cheaper option of David Moyes as Bilic’s successor. His recent track record is nothing short of a joke as all football fans know. That sums up the owner’s real lack of ambition.

The fact the board claim to be ‘West Ham fans’ is past a joke and has become an insult for the real fans who work hard all week to find the money, to support and follow their team across the country. No West Ham fan would destroy their beloved club, but that has what Karren Brady, David Sullivan and David Gold have successfully done.

The fans in the modern era of football, have no voice. Therefore, the only solution is the current one and that’s using anti-board banners, chants and protests to make their voices heard from the stands. I like many encourage fans to protest, because I as a football fan understand the horrible time they are currently forced to endure.

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featured image by David Holt