Is VAR a good thing?

This subject can be as bad as talking about Brexit, it’s really bad and touchy for me as I have been arguing with one person since the start of this season because he agrees that it is a good thing for football whereas I say it’s bad for the game on a number of reasons but we will get to them a little bit later.

The reasons why it could be a good idea is for mistaken identity as this happens far too often in this day and age and the amount of times a ref has got mistaken identity (not quite sure on some players where they don’t look alike) but they most probably see the colour of the kit and think oh yeah it’s that player.

For fouls (especially penalties) even though VAR have got a couple of these decisions wrong especially in sky sports Friday night football Southampton v Bournemouth where the ref said no penalty and then VAR didn’t over rule the ref when they should of done but that leads me onto why I don’t think VAR should be in the game so I will leave that there.

The person looking at the VAR will start having to overrule the ref whether they like it or not, so if they could iron that out it would be good.

The reasons why I don’t think it should be in the game, I know fans don’t celebrate goals like we did in the 90’s but we still all celebrate as soon as that ball crosses the line but with VAR we have to wait for like 5 minutes for VAR to say whether it is a goal or not and shouldn’t have to wait to celebrate a goal.

I don’t like Spurs for personal reasons but I did feel for them Saturday as they had a perfectly good goal ruled out by VAR for offside and that was a blatant mistake and not quite sure how they made that mistake when it was right in front of them.

Unless they can iron out all these massive mistakes I really can’t see it taking off in the Premier League but I still get the FA will keep it as they will say it takes the pressure off the referees but I don’t like VAR and I never will. I have seen so many mistakes from it in the World Cup last year, in the MLS over the last couple of seasons as well. So unless they can speed up the time in reviewing the goals and ironing out the mistakes and until they feel they can actually over rule the ref it won’t work and it needs to be out the of the game as it is definitely ruining the game in my eyes.

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