Is OWNAFC a good idea?

For me, it was a mad week on twitter it was, I follow this account that is like most football fans who don’t want B teams going into the Checkatrade trophy and when there was talks about an English League 3 were all against it.

Then in the last week I have seen @AgainstLeague3 and OWNAFC tweeting each other so decided to take a look at OWNAFC’s twitter page and I was a bit sceptical with what they were planning as you would buy a 1% share in a football club for £49 which in a way sounds like a bargain but if you delve just that little bit deeper it is just a con.

My first point is in there bio they put that the budget for the club would be £8.5 million if my memory serves me right, which later got removed from They’re bio after chatting to AgainstLeague3 so obviously they got found out that the budget might not be £8.5 mil, but how would they know the budget would be £8.5 mil as they may not have enough OWNAs to have a budget of £8.5 million.

The second point is would you really make money by owning a 1% share in a football club through OWNAFC I don’t think so as with owning 1% of anything are you getting rich no. They always change the terms and conditions as well so you would more than likely own less than 1% of a football club in the end.

So what else do you get with your 1% share with OWNAFC you download the app free of charge, and you have your say on who you want as the manager of the football club that you have a 1% share in, expanding the stadium etc, basically what an owner of a football club would do but really you wouldn’t have a say in what you want as OWNAFC own the majority of the club and they would have the final say in what goes on at the club.

After @AgainstLeague3 had a 9 hour yes you read that right 9 hour chat OWNAFC lost the debate as against league 3 said a similar thing was done at Ebbsfleet United and it failed massively.

So if your interested in buying a football club don’t do it through OWNAFC and have a read of against league 3 chat with OWNAFC and tell me what you think.

I’m going to end the blog by saying if your against b teams being in the Checkatrade trophy and against a league 3 give @AgainstLeague3 a follow.

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