Is La Liga the best league in the world?

Is La Liga the best league in the world?

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Written by Dan Anjos

Everyone talks about the Premier League being the most exciting league in the world due to its competitive and unpredictability as we saw 5000-1 Leicester become champions. Yes I do not believe that would happen anywhere else but in England and the fact it is so unpredictable attracts a lot of neutral fans to watch the league as it is very exciting, end to end football. But most managers in the world do not like end to end football, they want their teams to stick to the game plans that they try to implement. Whether that is Pep's Guardiola's tiki taka to Mourinho's park the bus and hit on the counter. When a game is end to end there is a lot of space which is a manager's nightmare when they are trying to control the game. Could that be a reason why English teams are not doing as well as they have done in the past in the European stage because the nature of the BPL makes it hard for them to adapt versus Mainland European teams.

APRIL 11, 2009 - Football : Manager Josep Guardiola of FC Barcelona during the La Liga match between Barcelona and Recreativo Huelva at the Camp Nou Stadium on April 11, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona won the match 2-0. (Photo by Tsutomu Takasu)

credit Tsutomu Takasu

Whilst in England there is a lack of homegrown players where as in Spain there is not that problem at all. What does this mean? Well it definitely makes the Spanish player a lot cheaper than the English players. So with the Spanish playes being so much cheaper it does allow teams with less financial power to buy the better Spanish players that are not good enough for Atletico, Real or Barcelona.Whilst in England we see average English players move for a lot of money due to the lack of quality of homegrown players pushing up the price of the English player.With the top Spanish clubs becoming more financially strong in the market it does mean that they do have more money when it comes to making a big foreign investment.The top teams have a very strong Spanish core in their teams which does not seem to happen in England either. Which in that sense does not help the England National team at all, Spain between 2008-2012 dominated world football through the fact that their core players were all playing for Barcelona whom at the time were also dominating European club football.

A reason why I also think that the Spanish league is better is because of their success on the European scene. This year out of 4 teams in the final of the European finals, 3 were Spanish. As well as Barcelona being knocked out in the semi finals in the Champions league with the same fate happening to Villarreal in the Europa league. The top 3 in Spain are very strong teams, I risk saying that any of them if they were to play England, they would win the Premier league at first time of asking, so by those teams being so strong and stronger than other top European teams it does mean the 2nd tier of Spanish teams like Seville,Villarreal, Atletico Bilbao when they play their fellow 2nd tier clubs of other leagues they have already faced the best so are much better equipped to face and beat those teams.

Ronaldo and Messi are playing in the Spanish league, for that reason alone shows the quality of player it attracts. Well in comparison to the BPL there is many more world class players playing at La liga than in England. If it has the better players than surely it makes the league better as you are watching the best players in the world playing and here and then versus each other. The Premier league no longer has the majority of the best players in the world playing in the league but instead it is starting to attract the players just below that level. So in respect of the quality the La liga is better.


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A criticism of the La liga is the fact it tends to be a 2 horse race with now Atletico being the 3rd horse. But if you want to watch a competitive league than the BPL is not even first anyway, the Championship is, it is an extremely competitive league so that argument is in my opinion, invalid.

With all respect the Premier League has its unique characteristics. I cannot consider a league to be the best league in the world if it has not got the world's best teams and players playing there. Until English teams start to attract the worlds best players and dominate European football than La liga will be top.

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