Is it time for a winter break in England?

The frantic festive periods for clubs all across England is now over in England.

However,  in recent days, it does seem that many are suggesting it should time be to ditch it in favour of a winter break.

“We are going to kill them” were the words of Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola complaining about the festive fixture schedule that his side endured.

“The bosses have to reflect. It’s not normal to play 31st and two days later.”
“I know the show must go on but that is not normal, they have to control it.”
“They don’t protect the players, they are the people we come to watch -not the managers or the press conferences.”
“Here in England you don’t protect the players, you have to look for the quality, not the quantity.”
The argument for a winter break has been a rambling debate amongst English Football for so many years with some liking the idea and some are against the idea and feel it wouldn’t be the same.
Guardiola in his defence has every right to complain.
The festive period for clubs in all four divisions of England saw them play three games in six days.
It is a serious demand on the players to mentally prepare for all of these games and it is physically draining on them too.
Injuries can most definitely be picked up and factors like travelling, preparation can be very big factors in that span of time.
The festive period can also see the broadcasting rights holders Sky and BT move the schedule around for coverage without caring about the players and fans and all for the name of entertainment and viewers.
West Ham on Thursday, took on Spurs at Wembley as a game chosen by Sky Sports. 48 hours after beating West Brom 2-1. The rest and recovery period were not long for the Hammers and after battling past West Brom, a game two days later can cause real injuries and can even cause even further injuries.
There were games on the 26th, 30th December and New Year’s Day. it seems unnecessary to play three games in that time. Two of those games should be played over the festive period in future if this carries on.
Bayern Munich players Thomas Muller and James Rodriguez recently said, “I think it’s an advantage for us. We have this little break and it’s also good for dealing with the mental pressure.”
The Bundesliga has a three-week winter break from the 20th December to the 12th of January.
Italy, Spain and France don’t play games over Christmas and have a short break at that time like the Bundesliga.
Muller also added, “I can imagine the difficulties for the players in England to be playing for 10 or 11 consecutive months. They might get sick of seeing a football game. They would like a break too and then they see the World Cup is coming up. I think it’s perfect for us and we should be able to take an advantage.
With several players from the Premier League heading to the World Cup in Russia this summer, a break can be a huge plus for them in the run-up to the tournament.
This matter does cause a great divide amongst everyone within English Football. Many believe that the festive period programme of games has been in the English leagues since the leagues began and it is a great tradition that should be stuck with.
It is a topic of great talk and divide. It does seem this issue won’t be resolved anytime soon.
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featured image credit Sky Sports