I Was At The Kroenke Out Protest – My Experience

Yesterday, thousands of Arsenal supporters turned up to the Emirates to show their anger and hatred to their clubs owner, Stan Kroenke. I was part of that crowd and had an amazing time. We sang Kroenke Out chants and shared our views on him very loudly. So loud that you could probably hear it from Seven Sisters station. I managed to get myself into the crowd of hyped up and devoted fans after I was standing on the round about outside the stadium for a good half an hour.

The crowd outside the Armory Shop was where the atmosphere was all coming from. Flares were set off, fans dancing and chanting and enjoying themselves. I was lucky enough to meet Turkish off of AFTV within that large gathering of people. I was then interviewed by a lady who worked for a news channel I never even heard of. The channel was Omni TV if I remember the woman interviewing me correctly.

One question she asked me was, “who would I like to own Arsenal if Kroenke leaves?”. My reply was, “It’s very unlikely it will happen, but I would like JAY Z to own Arsenal. He’s a fan of the club and a successful business man.” My reason for saying that is I would like a person who has heart in this team to own it and have success throughout their career.

Overall, the event was amazing. It was my first time ever in a protest and it was electric, brilliant and hopefully will get the message to Kroenke that he is not welcome at Arsenal.

featured image credit sky sports