How The Board Have Ruined Chester FC



I am a lifelong Chester fan and have been a regular attendee to matches for 25 years. Ever since I went to my first game with my Dad, my love for the club has become a very big passion of mine. I have experienced many highs and many lows as most football fans do following their club. This article will look at how the current board are destroying the club.


Since I’ve been following Chester there have been two different clubs, the first club went into adminstration in and unfortunately dissolved in 2010, due to many owners who were inacapable of managing a football club. The current Chester FcC were founded in 2010 by City Fans United, and have enjoyed 3 promotions all coming in successive years, which saw them get back into non league’s top division. I remember the very first game of the new Chester FC against Colwyn Bay, which saw hundreds of Chester fans witness history, but unfortunately lost the game 2-1.

Over the last eight years there has been reasons to cheer being a Chester Fan. But over the last 4 or so years there have been far too many lows with the club battling relegation from the National League. Another low has been the home attendances falling from 2,789 to Tuesday’s attendance which was just 1,400, which is heartbreaking to see. The most shocking low is how the current board have destroyed the club from top to bottom with constant rubbish, and not being honest with the fans which I will look into.


At the start of the current season, I thought we recruited well and was really optimistic about being competitive and achieving a top ten finish, but how wrong could I have been. The players have showed no heart, no passion, no effort and worst of all no apologies to the loyal fans who turn up week in and week out, spending their hard earned money on watching a team full of cowards who clearly are not interested in playing for the club. This has led to many fans saying this is one of the worst squads the club has ever had, which has led many fans to stop attending matches. Another reason why this season has been a mess is because of the board, who have kept very important information away from the fans, and hiring a manager who is clearly not good enough at this level. Listening to Marcus Bignot’s interviews is just becoming so predictable and tiring with the constant excuses, and moaning about the budget even though he clearly knew the situation he was walking into when he took the job. After what I’ve heard about the recent board meeting the club is in a complete mess, and could run out of money by the end of February which is absolutely devastating to hear as a fan. I and many fans have lost complete faith in this joke of a board who are running our beloved club to the ground with their constant lying and incompetence, what i don’t understand is how come it has taken this long for the board to come out and say all of this information about the club. All of this could of been avoided if the board were 100% honest with the fans from the start, but once again they have let all fans down like previous owners have,and are letting our club die.

Chester fans, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!