How Swindon Town Missed Out On The Playoffs

How Swindon Town Missed Out On The Playoffs

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Where to begin with this blog? It has been a very topsy turvy season for Swindon Town. I will start from the end of last season, Lee Power sacked our manager Luke Williams after the final game of the season which was a bit too late if you ask me, as we took too long to prepare for this season.

In the end we appointed David Flitcroft, he wasn't my first choice of manager but I was happy with the appointment. He brought in a lot of players and most of them aren't quality but it was the quantity he went for and most of the players he bought in had played under him before.

We had no home friendlies so I do believe that contributed to our home form this season and we either drew or lost most of the time. On the other hand our away form in the first half of the season we were on fire. We only lost twice.

So how did it all go wrong? Well the first point is our home form let us down, I always thought your home ground is your fortress but this season it has let us down badly.

My second point is,our owner Lee Power. Yes he was a footballer so knows a lot about the game but is he really a businessman? Not really. It just shows at our current plight of going from one game away to the championship to relegation fodder two seasons later and then missing out on the playoffs this season... It seems to me that the players we have now really don't want to play under our owner.

My third point is, having to change manager with about 10 games to go as David Flitcroft left us for Mansfield. It was a crucial part of the season and left us right in the lurch. But there has been one good thing to come out of him leaving us for Mansfield, Mansfield have been on a torrid run and look like they could bottle the playoffs as well. But after David Flitcroft left the legend that is Matty Taylor took temporary charge of first team affairs for one match and we lost. Then Lee Power appointed Phil Brown as our manager until the end of the season, which leads me onto the next point.

My fourth and final point is, under Phil Brown we have the attractive football but have no end product, no matter how hard we try to score we just can't, or at least when we do score the refs disallow them especially in the last game against Grimsby Town.

So all my points in this blog just prove that one we didn't have enough quality players to go up or even challenge for a playoff spot and until Lee Power goes we won't go anywhere apart from maybe non league. Can we finish on a high in our last two games, I certainly hope so...

What do you make of these thoughts Swindon fans? Let us know in the comments below!