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Monday Night Football 08/08/13 ©Chris Lobina for Sky Sports

Sky Football Coverage

Once upon a time Sky helped The Premier League become a worldwide phenom product but now they help hold it back! VAR is another issue, technology should be used for key decisions not if someone’s little toe is offside. But back to Sky, does anyone enjoy watching their coverage?

Would you keep your subscription if they lost PL tv rights?

Would Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher or Graeme Souness be hired by the new provider?

NO, NO and HELL NO!!!!!

Fan podcasts have become so popular as the consumer want to hear opinions, not bias, clickbait or self promotion! You may not like what the person says but it will feel like a “down the pub” offering rather than the bitter, bias ex pro take on a situation. Most podcasts discussing the beautiful game are from journalists or enthusiastic fans. During the recent Amazon match day coverage they used podcasters from the clubs involved in the game and generally they spoke well. I am at a point with my football viewing i’d rather watch a game in silence/only tune in for the game.

Sky’s insistence to ram down the same old teams for us to watch across all the divisions they hold rights too is draining and demoralising! It’s blatant who they like and do not like, if you have ever heard Don Goodman or David Prutton discuss the EFL you will know they only favour clubs who have played in the Premier League.

Soccer AM is only passable these days due to Fenners and the “Drill” segment Jimmy Bullard takes part in. The same could be said for Soccer Saturday which is held together by the Juggernaut Jeff Stelling. Merse, Kammy & Thommo are seriously past their sell by date and they recently included Neil Warnock which was a major embarrassment.

In the USA Tony Romo the ex Dallas Cowboy QB  is the top rated NFL commentator as he offers thoughts on the play in front of him, not what his producer or his publicist say. He sees the action and describes what could happen, the exact way an ex pro should do when working tv, almost like they are coaching or playing at that moment. English football needs more pundits like Keane, Wright or Crouch who are brutally honest or funny with a point.

With the prospect Amazon will want more tv right action and the fact The Premier League may create their own streaming service they should keep in mind that creating new vibrant, interesting personalities to comment and present the game  from ex players to fans should be utilised.