Hover N Out There

Man Utd

The way Utd are going they will not be in a position to win the league or any competition for at least 10 years.

If you read their year end financial statement they mention “strength of brand” and that events involving the 1st team if negative need to be responded too so they can prevent erosion of the brand. Currently The Red Devils are no better than clubs like West Ham or Newcastle Utd whose fans are at loggerheads with the owners. They are in a mess football wise with all involved at board/ownership level only thinking of servicing their debt by sealing sponsorships, tv deals and any other money making scheme.

Even if they make wholesale positive, proactive changes NOW it could be too late to halt an inevitable slide from their former glories. Ole is not the issue, he is just the 1st team face who clearly is a puppet. Ferguson ran the whole football side of the business for 30 years and thats what they need now. Just like what Arteta has started with Arsenal by installing an identity to the club, Utd desperately need this too. If Ole is there to just coach and select the 1st team then hire a general manager like in US Sport, they can set up the playing side from top to bottom with a club style and also concentrate on player acquisitions.

Players who sell shirts are vital to Utd, but keeping Pogba for instance is not positive for the “brand”! Too many players past 25 clog up the squad with their lack of quality and the very promising youngsters are just not ready to carry the burden. At the moment only 3 or 4 Utd players would even make other top Premier League match day squads, none would get into the teams. In the next few windows maybe they should be thinking more squad fillers than marquee signing?

In my life time some of the most important players at Utd have been men like Robson, Whiteside, Ince, Keane, Beckham, Giggs & Scholes…..all midfielders who were winners and the cream of the crop in their talent field. So much needs to be resolved though before they can even consider enticing a top boy in the class of those greats to the Man U shamblefest.