History of football: Premier League clubs nickname origin. A-C

History of football: Premier League clubs nickname origin. A-C

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Arsenal- 'The Gunners'

Arsenal fans refer to themselves as 'Gooners', deriving from the clubs nickname Gunners. Like most clubs Arsenal's nickname originates from when the club was formed back in 1886, when workers at Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory decided to form a football club called Dial Square. The club was renamed Woolwich Arsenal, but the club decided to drop the prefix in 1913 but kept their original connection with the armament industry and the name Gunners is now synonymous with the club.

#1 Nickname in the Premier League due to its historical context and it being a fantastic powerful nickname for a football team.

Bournemouth- 'The Cherries'

Bournemouth are The Cherries for two reasons. The first being the obvious reason that the club play in cherry colour stripes of red and black, however the other reason is that their historic home; Dean Court (currently known as the Vitality Stadium) was built on land next to a cherry orchard.

#10 Nickname in the Premier League due to its slightly non-threatening name but still midtable after the nicknames relevance to the area of their home.

Brighton- 'The Seagulls'

Brighton are known as the Seagulls because of the club's location on the south coast, the city is known for the large white birds found on the pebbly beach.

#8 Nickname in the Premier League due to the name originating from the city's beach culture, therefore the name can easily be associated with the team.

Burnley- 'The Clarets'

Burnley's first colours were black and yellow stripes, which like Watford, earned them the nickname 'Hornets'. However, in 1911 the club chose to play in claret and blue to replicate the success of Aston Villa, thus the nickname Clarets came about.

#20 Nickname in the Premier League due to the lack of imagination and thought behind the name. It's also embarrassing that the club copied another club because of their envy towards them.

Chelsea- 'The Blues'

Chelsea adopted the imaginative nickname, the Blues because they have always played in royal blue throughout their history. The club were once known as the 'Pensioners' because of the Chelsea pensioner crest which originated from the Royal Hospital Chelsea which was a retirement home and nursed retired members of the British Army. However, that nickname became archaic after manager Ted Darke changed the badge in 1952.

#19 Nickname due to it's lack of invention and simplicity.