Up the Hammers: “The heart and the soul of our club has been ripped out.”

Written by Luke Evans

West Ham have struggled for consistency this season and haven’t had a dream season like they did last-season.

I wanted to know what West Ham fans are really thinking, so I spoke to a West Ham fan about what’s gone wrong so far into the 16/17 campaign, what can West Ham do to improve in 2017 and what are his personal views on Karren Brady, David Gold and the Sullivan’s. Here’s what he had to say.

What has gone wrong for West Ham this season?

“Where do I start? The heart and soul of the club has been ripped out. We have people watching the game wearing Tottenham, Chelsea and Man United colours in the home end.

“They are kicking fans out for standing up to chant at a Football game! So, if we score a goal should we just sit down and clap? It’s just ridiculous.

“The stewards are horrendous – they have no idea what they are doing. I’ve walked in a few times already without them really checking my bag – what if I had an explosive in that! Then when your in the ground, they are either kicking out people who’ve done nothing wrong.

“On the pitch – we’re simply lied to. We started the summer, and I remember it well watching Sky Sports News a few days earlier before the final game at the Boleyn, David Sullivan was saying how we’d made a £30m bid for a player in France and a £25m bid for a player in England. Of course, they failed.

They were talking about the likes of Lacazatte, Batushuaji, Bacca, Icardi, etc. We ended up with Ayew from Swansea. He scored 6 in 8 and they justified (David Sullivan) as that as our 20 goal a season striker! They then added both Calleri and Zaza on loan.

“In fact, none of our signings in the summer worked out other than Ashley Fletcher and Fernandez. The most laughable part is the owners signed for the “future” – absolute shambles.”

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What are your views on Brady, Gold and Sullivan?

Excellent business people, I cannot argue with that – but we’ve been ripped apart. We’ve gone from being a club to now a brand. They changed the badge and put “London” in it because they want the “brand” known globally. It’s like we are no longer fans – but we are customers.

“Sullivan unfortunately speaks too openly about our transfer dealings. We are so public, that we are literally linked with every player. Everyone know’s who rejected us, and everyone knows who stages deals. It just makes us a laughing stock!

“They seem to think that the stadium makes us instantly a bigger club – but I couldn’t disagree more with them. It’s the players you have coming out on the pitch each week that makes you either successful, or not.

“The stadium is a platform for sure – but without a successful transfer market – it’s pointless.”

What do West Ham need to do this year -2017

“Firstly, we need players used to the demand of the English league. We need a striker that can actually score goals and we need a right-back. This year is purely about staying up in my opinion.

“We haven’t looked a good side all season, and have struggled to sustain any real consistency. I hate to say it, but this season is a right off. Knocked out of all cups, and sitting in 13th place in the Premier League table. We need to scrape out a good few wins and stay up – then focus on starting again.”

I would like to thank Up The Hammers for giving his opinions on his beloved West Ham. You can follow him on Twitter – @Mr_Ba6.

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