Hartlepool United - a club on the very edge of it's existence and can English Football help them?

Hartlepool United - a club on the very edge of it's existence and can English Football help them?

Last update: 11 January 2018 Tags: Hartlepool United. Categories: National League.

To many people who don't follow Hartlepool United, you associate them with two things. Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling going wild on-air about his boyhood team on Gillette Soccer Saturday celebrating goals and being passionate on a regular basis and Angus the Monkey, a one time mayor of the town in the early 2000's.

Hartlepool United are a club in recent years who have fallen on hard times.

In just under five years they have been relegated twice and have had new owners, but they face a real fight to stay afloat as a Football club.

In recent reports, Hartlepool United need £200,000 in just over two weeks to help the club stave off Administration.

The town of Hartlepool has seen 110 years of Football and now that team could dissolve.

Recent early rumours according to the local press, suggest overseas investors are looking to buy the club but must do it in quick time as their two-week deadline is fast approaching.

There have been appeals by various social media pages and crowdfunding pages set up to help out Hartlepool United and help them raise their target within that time of just over two weeks.

It seems also clubs struggling with finances should be receiving help from the FA and maybe other various organisations.

The FA in this country seems to leave behind clubs with money issues and they force that club find their own way of getting money. The FA should maybe help them out and give them a small loan to keep them ticking over.

The riches of the Premier League could be of a great help and it's clubs could help. With its untold riches and clubs with financial power maybe they should make a small donation and all the 20 clubs could give some cash to help out a fellow professional club from going out of existence.

Another organisation within English Football that club help could be the Football League. Hartlepool spent around 80 years in the Football League before their heartbreaking relegation to the National League in May 2017. The Football League also could make a small donation to the club to keep them out of the dreaded administration.

In weeks to come, you will probably see images coming out of Hartlepool United with volunteers holding buckets and hoping for small donations from fans and many people on various social media posts sharing pictures and images of 'Saving Hartlepool United' posts to make the public aware.

Generous people far and wide will try and help out the club by giving money and if you like can be considered 'Unsung heroes' and some of those donations will be made by people who have no connection to the club, but don't want to see a Football club fall to ashes.

It will be interesting to see these next few weeks and see what unfolds at Victoria Park.