Harry Kane: World Class or Not?

Harry Kane: World Class or Not?

Last update: 20 September 2017 Tags: Harry Kane, Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez, Kane. Categories: Premier League, Europa League, Champions League.

Ah, Harry Kane. We may not understand a word you say, but we know you have somehow contrived to win the Golden Boot race in each of the last two years. Your goals are many and your class is without doubt. So why do you manage to split opinion on whether you're world class each and every year?

Let's take a look at the stats. Last year, in LaLiga Messi scored 37 goals. Ronaldo scored 25. Suarez got 29. All players who are undoubtedly world class. All but Ronaldo played 34-35 games. Ronaldo played 29. The year before, Suarez got 40 in 35 games, Ronaldo 35 in 36 and Messi 26 in  33. We're all clear here? Good.

'Now that's not fair' I hear you cry 'Don't compare Harry Kane to people like Ronaldo, Suarez and Messi! It's not fair!' OK, then. These player's stats are ridiculous. They are undoubtedly some of the best players of all time. But, if you think there's someone else to compare him to your mistaken, as far as LaLiga's concerned. Griezmann scored 16 goals last season and marked 8 assists. Kane scored 29 goals and got 7 assists. That's a huge difference. Hell, Ronaldo only got 25 goals and 6 assists last season in LaLiga. Yes he appeared less times, but so did Kane, who appeared once more than him in the season. Kane outperformed Ronaldo domestically last season. Doesn't seem real does it?

So, why is Kane even in question for world class? Simple. The team he plays for and his goals in Europe. Kane and Spurs crashed out at the group stage to Monaco in the Champions League and then got knocked out of the Europa League in their first tie. If Kane had performed in the CL last season he would be considered world class. He scored none against Gent and very few in the group stages, so he isn't. He also happens to play for Tottenham. A great club, yes, but known for blowing it so much that it had become a turn of phrase. If Kane played at a bigger club he'd be in the conversation for best all out goal scorer alive. Because, if he can outperform Ronaldo (domestically) with Tottenham, then God knows what he would be capable of, if United decided to take a deep dive into their pockets and put him alongside Lukaku, Rashford and Martial (even Ibra if he's still playing in the theoretical world this happens in) Or if City took the plunge and played him with Jesus, Aguero and De Bruyne. He might just become unstoppable.


Let me know whether you think Kane is world class below. I think he is, if you couldn't tell.