Harry Kane - Quest for a Prize

Harry Kane - Quest for a Prize

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Harry Kane’s return to action this weekend was a disappointment for Fantasy Managers who removed him due to injury (like me) but his return was the catalyst to winning ways for Spurs. Without him Son has looked like a lost soul, Mourinho’s negative tactics had no get out of jail card and any title aspirations completely eradicated.

His rise within English football is inspiring, Unheralded talent, loan spells around the EFL did not catapult him to fame or clamour to the Spurs 1st team and despite goals in the Europa League doubts about his quality existed. When given a chance though to play for Spurs he scored though and eventually won fans, pundits and most importantly management over. His talent is scoring but his hard work and endeavour to create means he is a hybrid of a 8, 9 & 10. I heard on a podcast recently Bamford was the closest player to Kane, no way he is 1 in a kind!

The one thing missing from Harry’s resume is team success and this year is going to decide where his future lies. One of his sporting idols is Tom Brady from the NFL. To win 7 Super Bowls Brady has always put the team first, for instance taking a team friendly contract so the organisation could compete for quality players within the NFL salary cap. Kane doesn’t need to worry about his wages costing the team due to a salary cap but he has said “money is a bonus of the job but it doesn’t make you happy”, reading between the lines he is happy with weekly wages some people do not earn in 5 years, but would he take less or no pay for honours on his cv,  I would say yes!
He obviously wants to win trophies, he has said it many times before and he wants to win at Spurs. With the League Cup coming up on the 25th April and the Euro Champs in June, both Spurs and England are outsiders but they have a fighting chance. Against City the obstacle will be if Mourinho tries to nullify them with dour tactics, they will concede all the possession and chances meaning Kane’s window for goals will be slim to the point he may only have 1 chance which will need to be taken. With the talent England are bringing through this tournament may be too soon but the burden is lightened for Kane when it comes to goals, not even being captain weighs him down, he seems to thrive from it.

The issue will be if he enters the 2021/22 season still trophy-less and 28 years old. The top English strikers over the years have won at least one thing at club level even the much maligned Alan Shearer on MOTD when laughed at for FA cup woes holds a PL winners medal from his Blackburn days. Kane may have to assess his future much like Teddy Sheringham when he was 31 and made the move to Utd for honours. Contract wise he still has 3 years to go so Levy would want to command £100m+ transfer fee even in these COVID economic times, you don’t give away a player who will score at least 20 league goals a season. The injury record isn’t tremendous but when you get to the stage of life around late 20’s/early 30’s the player is managed to maximise their potential especially if the fee is so high.

Suitors for Kane would be great and consist of elite clubs from all around Europe. Going back to economics it would seem clubs like Madrid and Barca would not be able to afford him now or in the near future. He has a young family and seems to be a homebody so maybe going abroad is not a factor anyway even if the riches were available for the euro elite. This is pure speculation by me but you have to also question what he wants to win, I feel he would want English domestic honours rather than a La Liga, SerieA or Bundesliga medal. Taking all that into consideration and his feelings for Spurs he wouldn’t join Arsenal & Chelsea, Kane holds too much respect for the fans. The only contenders if he left would be Liverpool, Man City & Man Utd, they are all serious contenders for the title now and in the future. Each one holds a need for a striker of his class but differing lures, Man U are the brand of brands, City have Pep and Liverpool have The Kop.

The future of Harry Kane is not certain, Spurs fans know this and are speculating online with many not blaming him if he moves on. We are entering a critical stage of his career where his legacy will be finalised,  will it be world class striker with only individual honours or one with so much more?