Goals can wait, creating better humans assumes utmost importance

Goals can wait, creating better humans assumes utmost importance

Last update: 30 January 2022 Tags: Manchester United, Mason Greenwood. Categories: Featured.

While the facts are yet to be officially ascertained, the damning allegations by Mason Greenwood's girlfriend Harriet Robson have left world football stunned. Robson can be seen bleeding from her lips with marks all over her body, in images uploaded on Instagram, where she has openly named Greenwood as the person responsible. She further shared voice clips where the Manchester United footballer can be heard forcing her to have sex.

In a world where justice is sadly clouded by riches and influence, it assumes supreme importance to ensure the right message is sent at least in the case of high profile professions like being a footballer, with footballers deemed 'role models' by children.

With a lot of credible allegations hurled at another high-profile player from the same club (enough hints already), it is important for Manchester United to ensure the right message is sent, if Greenwood is held guilty. Manchester City have previously set the right example by taking the correct steps in case of defender Benjamin Mendy, rather than attempting to protect an asset worth £52 million. While on-field differences between the Manchester clubs have been celebrated, it is time for them to unite over a 'humane approach' in sensitive matters, and issues of far greater interest than the game.

Greenwood is certainly not the first player from the Premier League to be accused of violence and rape, with Adam Johnson, Gylfi Sigurðsson, Mendy and Ryan Giggs among the other noteworthy mentions. While the Premier League is arguably the greatest footballing league in the world currently, there is also a 'human cost' which should not be ignored at any cost.

Every club attempts to scout and churn out an elite footballer who can score goals and register assists with sparkling consistency, with results the be all and end all. However, for all the success on the field, it is necessary to ensure a decent human being is presented as well, rather than considering off-field behaviour as a negotiable.

Sir Alex Ferguson was a great manager indeed, but his constant praise and admiration for Giggs and a certain Portuguese footballer, has definitely proven difficult to digest, and is a clear example of a mistake the footballing fraternity would do well to avoid. Liverpool were also guilty of this in the past, when they publicly backed Luis Suarez following his act of racism against Patrice Evra, which former club footballer Jamie Carragher did well to apologise for. Over to you, United.