Glenn Ferguson – Lost Gem

Cristiano Ronaldo has broken numerous goalscoring records over the last year, when reviewing his feats online I discovered a Northern Irish striker sitting within the IFFHS list in 11th spot with 562 goals! Glenn Ferguson played from 1987-2011 domestically only, with 5 international appearances, my first thought being why have I never heard of him?

Initially it was obvious to me he played in a era where their was no social media, despite your thoughts regarding the standard of Northern Irish football his feats would be documented extensively these days. His club, league and fans would be posting all the time, the world would be aware.

I think most glaringly though is football recruitment is so advanced in 2021 compared to even 10 years ago. Offsets from the baseball moneyball ideology is adopted widely among all divisions in England. If the analytics today was used when Ferguson was playing he surely would have been observed or pursued to play at least in the EFL. His appearance is more Robbie Fowler than Les Ferdinand from that era, scouts relied on the eye test. It cannot be denied when you watch the grainy footage available, he could strike the ball like Shearer, head it like Carroll and poach like Rush.

On seeing his stats I googled and researched his career in as much depth as the net lets you, one of the most refreshing elements of him as a man is him being down to earth. When reading one interview he’s asked about his favourite player played with & against. When answering he doesn’t go big potato and name a international player from his brief stint, it’s Irish League peers! During other interviews he never mentions any lost opportunity, he is happy with his career and the feats/medals he earned. His Irish transfer record of £55k in 1998 was only beaten in 2019. With inflation that would be £85k today, would you begrudge your club paying that for a 29 year old part time goal machine?

The improvement in scouting has led to talents like Kante, Mahrez & Vardy lead Leicester City to a league title, sadly those techniques didn’t apply for The Great Glenn Ferguson.

Please have a look at his highlights, he was a serious striker

featured image credit Belfast Live